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4 Reasons You Are Not Getting That Call Back

You applied for the job, got shortlisted and even got called for the first interview, progress!

However, days and weeks go by and your potential employer still hasn’t reached out to you. The probability is that, they did not see you fit for the job no matter how qualified you thought you were.

The Question is, why?

Here are 4 reasons why you failed to get that call for a second interview;

You failed to make a good impression

This one of the most common reasons why candidates never get that second call back. They failed to make an impression during the initial interview.

For instance, you may have called the interviewer by the wrong name or forgotten basic information about the company. Or your time management skills may have made you late for the interview, which is a dreadful first impression.

You didn’t ask enough questions during the first interview

In the course of most interviews, you’ll asked be there’s anything else you’d like to discuss. If you fail to offer any questions, it’ll send the message that you’re not really interested in the job or company at hand.

Rather than give that false impression, come up with a list of questions about the job or about the company in general. This shows the employer that you really want a shot at the job.

You didn’t follow up

Some interviewees hold back on following up because they don’t want to seem too aggressive. But actually, not following up sends the message that you don’t particularly care if anything comes from that initial interview. At the very least, send the person you interviewed with a thank-you note within 24 hours of that meeting. Doing so by email is perfectly acceptable. Then follow up a few days later if you don’t hear back.

Your references

Always make sure you’re asking for references from people who are familiar with your work and who will definitely have favorable things to say about you. Ask your potential references if they’re willing and able to attest to your good qualities before you pass along their information, and review the job details with them so that they’ll know what the employer wants to hear.

In summary,

The good news is, you can fix most of these issues and be able to secure that dream job.

How? Book a mock interview coaching session and ultimately secure that call back for a second interview.


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