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5 Signs You Nailed Your Interview

You just came from a job interview for a position you’re excited about. You think it went well. But uncertainty starts to kick in. Did I really do well? Was the employer impressed by my credentials and capabilities?

You aren’t alone, everyone goes through it. The job search is filled with a lot of uncertainty, and there’s no sure way to get inside your interviewer’s head and be able to tell which way they are leaning. If you took the time to prepare for your interview, there are a few signs you can look out for that indicate good news. 

Here are some;

Your Interview Lasted Longer Than Scheduled

Your interview was scheduled for half an hour, but it was closer to 45 minutes or an hour before your conversation ended. Chances are, your interviewer is interested in you and was highly engaged in the information you were providing.

Body Language

Does the interviewer seem engaged with what you’re saying? Are they leaning forward when you say something particularly incisive? Smiling?

Even if an employer is trying to be professional, their body language may hint at their enthusiasm for you as a candidate.

They sell you the job

If the interviewer spends some time promoting the highlights of the position, the company culture, and why he or she loves working there, this is a good sign. Your interviewer probably wouldn’t give you all that information if he or she had zero intention of considering you for the position.

They introduce you to other staff members

Consider it positive news if your interviewer gave you a tour around the office and introduced you to staff. It’s even better if he or she introduced you to other staff members during the interview. If you got to meet some management or upper-management staff, take it as a good sign that you’re being seriously considered for the role.

They gave you a timeline

Getting to this interview is a big deal, but it’s also just one step in the hiring process. If your interviewer went into detail about the hiring timeline and what you could expect to happen next, that means they’re interested and want you to be in the loop on what’s coming up.

For example, if they said, “We’ll reach out next week with an offer,” then it most likely means that they are seriously considering you for the position.


The interview process is unpredictable. Everything discussed above isn’t a guarantee. Similarly, if these things didn’t happen in your interview, that doesn’t mean it was a disaster. There are always exceptions.

Understood? Great! Do you have an upcoming interview?  Are the interview jitters and nerves getting the best of you? Let our interview coach help you nail that interview and successfully land that dream job!

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