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6 Great Habits Every Trainer Must Have

What is the secret to becoming a successful trainer? What makes a trainer stand out from the competition? Have you ever attended a class/course that you were so impressed by the trainer that you thought this is how you want to teach?

Effective trainers have certain good habits that lead to their success. If you want to become a great trainer, all you need to do is to adopt these habits. Let’s see what they are:

They are practical

The always looking for practical application of theoretical knowledge by showing the learners how knowledge helps in solving a problem or improving an existing condition.

Believe in continuous learning

They don’t stop after acquiring a degree, a certificate or a diploma. They strongly believe that learning is a lifelong process and it becomes a habit. They don’t wait for formal learning or training but seek various informal avenues of updating knowledge and skills through professional interactions.

Effective Trainers Seek First to Understand the Needs

Training is subjective. Good trainers know that before explaining how something should be done, they need to first understand what their audience needs and which areas they have difficulties in. By carefully understanding the needs both before the training course and during the course, effective trainers can provide a tailored training solution that addresses specific requirements.


Good trainers start  on a topic and progress forward in a consistent way. They don’t jump from topic to topic and remain focused. They immerse their audience in a topic and lead them to learn the desired skills.

They plan ahead

Successful trainers know that planning is absolutely critical when it comes to providing an effective course. They plan the courses based on the training requirements set by their client. They research the topics to find content that satisfies these requirements. They obtain training materials and use their previous related courses to derive a tailored training course specifically designed for their students/trainees.

Assess their performance

Great trainers are very keen about their performance. They want to be the best and remain the best and the only way they can do this is by measuring their training performance and also measuring how much trainees learn. They are eager to hear back from trainees after the course. They habitually update their training materials so that they can improve on their course every single time.

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