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6 Things On Your CV That Annoy Employers

Did you know that on average recruiters will only look at a CV for between 10 and 30 seconds? So first impressions really do matter!

Your CV should sell you and prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the job otherwise, it will be tossed aside and completely forgotten.

What do you think you have been doing wrong when writing your CV? In this article, we address the common mistakes on your CV that annoy employers. You ought to avoid making them if you really want to get shortlisted for a job interview.


You can’t get away with it, you will eventually get caught! Employers do background checks on what you say in your CV, including references. Lying will only waste their time and get your CV thrown out. In the case that your lie is not caught the first time around, there are still more checks to go through the farther you get in the hiring process. Be honest. Lying tarnishes your image and completely ruins your chances of getting the job.

Unprofessional email

They may have seemed funny or cool when you created them a few years ago, but having “[email protected]” written at the top of your CV isn’t exactly going to help create that intelligent and hardworking image that you are trying to portray. It only takes a few minutes to set up a ‘professional sounding’ email address via Hotmail, Yahoo, Google or another free email provider. Try and keep it simple, preferably involving your name.

Too generic

There are job-seekers out there who copy and paste a resume for each job for which they apply with no variation. Do not be one of these job-seekers. Personalize your resume for each position. It’s okay to compare tasks from your current position to the tasks you’d perform at this new position. You can talk about how your future goals align with the company. Do anything to show that you put extra effort into making your CV.

  1. Spelling & Grammatical Errors

There really is no excuse for poor spelling or grammar in a CV, especially as Microsoft Word kindly points out most mistakes to us. A CV is usually the first impression that a recruiter gets of you, so any mistakes will reflect badly. Check your CV several times, and then get a friend to read through it and give you some constructive criticism.

Unexplained employment gaps

Career gaps on your CV annoy employers especially when they are not accounted for. To fill career gaps on your CV, talk about the part time jobs you have done while you were out of regular employment. Talking about a course you took when you are not employed is also a good filler on your CV.

Too long

There are differing opinions on how long a CV should be; some say 2 pages, others say no longer than 3 pages. Really it depends on how much experience you have. Your most recent roles are likely to be the most relevant to the position you are applying for so focus on them the most. If your CV is 5+ pages long, then you have included too much information. Sit down and have a read through it. Is everything on there actually relevant to the new position? Unlikely! So cut it down. At the same time, if you’re near the beginning of your career and your CV is only one and a half pages long, but all very relevant, don’t struggle to make it look longer.


You should always proofread your CV before sending it out. You don’t want these mistakes to be a representation of who you are.

Still got questions about where you could be going wrong with your CV?

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