8 Signs Of Low EQ In The Workplace

Do your emotions interfere with your work? Are you the employee having emotional outbursts and starting fights with colleagues?

Emotional intelligence in the workplace begins from the inside out with each individual. It involves recognizing various aspects of your feelings and emotions and understanding how it affects others by taking time to work on the elements of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

What Does It Mean To Have Low Emotional Intelligence?

When someone has a low EQ, they are incapable of perceiving emotions (in both themselves and others) and using that information to guide their thinking and actions.

How Does Low EQ Show Up At Work?

Individuals with low intelligence at work often find it difficult to manage or curtail their emotions. Here are 8 signs of people with low emotional intelligence in the workplace;

1. They always want to be right

They always strive to prove a point even when they are glaringly wrong. This way they refuse to listen to what the other person has to say and are ready to argue to the death that what they have in mind is right and yours wrong.

They must win at any cost, and it is difficult for them to just “agree to disagree.” This is especially true if others are critical of how the individual does not comprehend how others feel.

2. They don’t care about the other persons feelings

Many people with low EQ are apparently unconscious of other’s feelings. They may be genuinely surprised that their partner is angry at them or that their co-workers don’t like them. 

They don’t care to know how the other person feels. All they are concerned about is their personal satisfaction.

3. They behave insensitively

For example, they might say something insensitive in between a serious meeting. If you choose to react to their out-of-line response, they act as if you’re being overly sensitive.

Because of their difficulty in understanding the emotions of others, they are unable to interpret and appropriately respond to the emotional tone and atmosphere.

4. They blame others for their problems

People with low emotional intelligence always dread taking responsibility for their bad actions. They always look for a way to pin it on the other person.

When something goes wrong in the workplace, their first reaction is to blame it on someone else.

5. They have poor coping skills

An obvious inability to cope with emotionally charged situations is an indicator of low EQ. Strong emotions, whether their own or those of others are difficult to comprehend for those with low emotional intelligence.

6. Frequent emotional outbursts and mood swings

The ability to regulate emotions is one of the key components of emotional intelligence. People with poor EQ frequently fail to discern and manage their emotions. They may respond irrationally, not knowing what they are truly experiencing or why they are so unhappy.

A person who lacks emotional intelligence is most likely to experience emotional outbursts at any slightest occurrence. This mood swing can go on to last for minutes, even hours.

7. They struggle with relationships

People who lack emotional intelligence find it difficult to build and maintain friendships. Close friendships need reciprocal give and take, emotional sharing, compassion, and emotional support, all of which low-EQ persons often lack.

8. They can’t accept feedback

Employees with low emotional intelligence may be unable to accept feedback. If you get on their wrong side, they tend to hold a grudge and find it difficult to trust others. They take feedback very personally and view it as an attack on their character or personality.


As an emotionally intelligent person, you don’t have to change who you are to communicate with the next person. The key to finding common ground is empathy and flexibility. The more willing you are to listen and understand the next person’s point of view, the more your emotional intelligence level increases.

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