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Online Aptitude Test – Changing Career Aptitude Tests

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Afya Pwani Senior M&E Advisor

The Sr. M&E/SI Advisor will report to the Palladium Sr. HSS Advisor/Team Leader. Within the overall project and specifically for sub-purpose 3, s/he will ensure linkage of EMR and mHealth tools (frontline sms), interoperability of EMR and DHIS 2, and interoperability of EMR and supply chain management tools and HRH management databases, as appropriate.

Key Responsibilities
* Design and implement a comprehensive HIV Services M&E system for the project, focusing on the accuracy and timeliness of reporting
* Operationalize use of IQCare EMR at target facilities within the coastal counties; develop systems for the continuous development of capacities of health records information officers (HRIOs) at target facilities in the use of IQCare EMR; develop strategy for the eventual transition of management and maintenance of EMR to the CHMT, SCHMT and HRIO
* Develop standardized protocols for the minimization of data collection burden; and for appropriate allocation of reporting responsibilities; and for appropriate workforce management at facilities, including improving the recruitment and retention of HRIO.
* Facilitate routine county TWG meetings for information systems and data reporting and use; and work with the CHMT, SCHMT and HRIO to implement data quality assurance protocols
* Link to and leverage infrastructure and other investments made by PEPFAR projects specifically CDC KeHMIS, USAID Afyainfo and others
* Supervise the Pharmacy/Commodities Specialist and oversee activities to achieve output 3.3, including:

  • Develop and implement a mentorship program for SCHMTs and CHMTs to improve forecasting, quantification, and timely ordering of medical supplies from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority
  • Secure commodity management at county level
  • Implement indicator-based systems for the pharmacovigilance of adverse effects related to the use of medicines
  • Implement electronic pharmaceutical and laboratory supply chain systems at project facilities
  • Prevent stock-outs
  • Provide routine reporting of pharmaceutical and laboratory commodity use to the MoH
    * Supervise the IT Specialist and team members and oversee the activities to achieve output 3.4, including:
  • Linkage of EMR to DHIS 2
  • Linkage of EMR to Frontline SMS
  • Linkage of EMR to the National Data Warehouse
  • Interoperability of EMR with open, third party lab information systems and commodity supply chain systems in use and project facilities
    * Supervise the Data Use Specialist and team members and oversee activities to achieve output 3.5, including:
  • Provide support to the service delivery team to continuously use data for quality improvement; establish facility-level baselines and metrics for QI in all facilities and track progress towards achievement of targets; and routinely review data for use to improve service delivery and clinical decision support
  • Increase the use of gender and age-disaggregated data in particular, and inferential statistics in general for evidence-informed management of the program
  • Create and improve access to user-friendly data dashboards and data visualization to enable the CHMT, SCHMT, HRIO, facilities to monitor target indicators for improved decision making
  • Inculcate a culture of data demand and information use (DDIU), including the provision of routine high-level statistical analyses
    * Masters Level of Education in related field, e.g. MBA, MPH or MSc (Informatics/Biostatistics/Biometry)
    * 3+ years’ experience in a leadership position for a PEPFAR project
    * Post graduate professional qualification in project management and planning
    * Appropriate software skills necessary to conduct, analysis of study data, such as STATA, SPSS, or equivalent
    * Strong written and oral communication skills for high-level policy audiences (writing examples may be required)
    * Excellent coordination, and information management skills
    * The ability to work well under pressure and skilled in change management, crisis management, and problem solving
    * Demonstrated ability to manage cohesive team and proven record in effectively managing multidisciplinary partnerships.
    * Demonstrated leadership, ethics, and sound judgement, both independently and as part of a team.
    * Demonstrated knowledge of strategic planning methodology and documentation processes.
    * Ability to develop and maintain relationships with users and various stakeholders (local and international); developed cultural awareness and innovation sense.
    * Ability and willingness to travel frequently within Kenya and work under field conditions

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