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Aga Khan Foundation Consultancy Job

1. About Aga Khan Foundation **

The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), was established by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1967. AKF is a private, not-for-profit international development agency that seeks to provide long-term solutions to society’s problems. AKF has a special focus on investing in human potential, expanding opportunity, and improving the overall quality of life, especially for women and girls. AKF works closely with civil society groups in programme levels in all its thematic areas, with a range of synergistic initiatives that both support civil society actors and benefit from their reach and experience. AKF’s primary areas of focus are Education; Early Childhood Development (ECD); Health and Nutrition; Civil Society; Agriculture and Food Security; and Economic Inclusion.

2. Contextual program background.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified many of the challenges already faced by youth in Kenya, as many are now at risk of being left behind in education, economic opportunities and health and wellbeing during a crucial stage of their life. A survey conducted in May 2020 in Kenya indicates that since the beginning of the pandemic, 95% of youth earned less than $3 a week, up from 40% in a similar survey in 2019, while 74% went to bed hungry for at least one day in a week, up from 15% in 2019. Many of these youth are now more likely to be left unemployed or in precarious job contracts and working arrangements without social protection. Moreover, underprivileged youth in rural areas of Kenya are disproportionally affected due to the lack of access to remote learning tools.**

3. Overall programme objective.

Generally, this initiative is embedded within a broader COVID-19 Response Programme that seeks to improve systemic, gender-sensitive responses to overcome health, economic and social vulnerabilities caused by COVID-19 pandemic in Eastern Africa focusing on:

a. Strengthening coping strategies to the COVID-19 pandemic for vulnerable men, women, and youth.

b. Strengthening health care delivery system for effective management of COVID-19 pandemic in target communities.

c. Increasing access to adolescent and youth-friendly health services, life skills, and livelihood opportunities.**

4. Purpose of the expression of interest.

The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) is to identify eligible Youth-Led Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for prospective partnership with the AKF Kenya Office.

This call focuses on CSOs that have the capacity to partner with AKF to support strategies to improve life skills and livelihood opportunities for the youth (specific objective ‘C’ above). Specifically, we seek CSOs to mobilise, 400 youth (from 400 youth groups) across four counties in coast; Lamu, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale. In addition to mobilisation, the successful CSOs will be engaged in further follow-up and support of the trained youth to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

5. Description of the project

The aim of this initiative is to support 400 youth to access livelihood opportunities through digital platform-based practical training and mentorship support on entrepreneurship. CSOs will be involved in mobilising 400 selected youth drawn from 400 youth groups (each group with at least 10 members-total 4000 youth) in Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, and Lamu. The indicative number of youths that will be trained and mentored in each County will be: Kwale (80), Mombasa (160), Kilifi (80), and Lamu (80). The trained 400 youth will then train other youth from the selected youth groups in a peer- to – peer teaching model. A total of 4000 youth is targeted across the four counties. The focus will be on entrepreneurship training and mentorship support and will be delivered through a digital platform to equip the participants with relevant and contextualized skills necessary for their groups’ entrepreneurial initiatives. Face to face training sessions will be utilized where necessary to ensure a wider reach of youth within the target counties.

6. Expected Activities for CSOs

a. Mobilisation and linkage: Mobilisation of youth (Kwale (80), Mombasa (160), Kilifi (80), and Lamu (80) and linkage to AKF Kenya. The expected female to male ratio is 60% to 40 % respectively.

b. Follow-up and support: Through AKF, successful CSOs will take up a supportive and follow- up role of the youth post-training to ensure peer- to peer teachings are delivered.

7. Key deliverables

· Detailed process of beneficiaries’ mobilization for the intervention.

· Justification for the mobilized beneficiaries for linkage to the intervention.

· Detailed follow-up plan of the trained youth.

8. Duration of the Tasks

a. Mobilisation and linkage: 2 months

b. Follow-up and support: 3 months

How to Apply

Concept note template instructions

1.Organization particulars (1/2 a page)

a. Address, locations, and point of contact information; including the specific location of operations and how they relate to target areas.

b. Ownership/Type of Entity

c. Description of the organization and its main activities (history of operation, milestones)

d. Management Team – brief on key staff

e. Targeted geography (ies)

2.Summary of an analysis of youth skills and entrepreneurship training needs in the target counties (1 page)
3.Detailed process of beneficiaries’ mobilization. (1 page)
4.Detailed budget indicating relevant costs of expected activities above (1/2 page)

Concept note evaluation criteria:

1.Proposal relevance, quality, and coherence (60%)
2.Institutional capacity and sustainability (40%)

Organizations wishing to apply should meet the following criteria:

a. Be registered in Kenya.

b. Previous and/or current interventions in the target counties for this initiative.

c. Demonstrated experience in the delivery of supporting youth entrepreneurship training and programs in Kenya.

d. Institutional capacity for delivery of technical support.

e. Demonstrates value for money.

Expression of interest:

Civil Society organizations qualified and interested in this partnership should submit their Expression of Interest by 16th August 2021 close of business electronically to [email protected] with “Youth Mobilization for Entrepreneurship and Life Skills Training EOI**”** on the subject line.

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