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Assignment Title: Baseline Assessment Including Gender Analysis in Wajir County. titled “Improved Human Rights Fulfilment and Gender Equality


Assignment Title: Baseline Assessment Including Gender Analysis in Wajir County.
The project is titled “Improved Human Rights Fulfilment and Gender Equality in Wajir County, Kenya.

About the project

Islamic Relief Kenya (IRK) is implementing a 24-month project in Wajir East and Wajir South sub-counties of Wajir County, Northeastern Kenya funded by Forum Syd and implemented through IR Kenya. The project’s overall aim is to contribute to improved human rights fulfilment and gender equality in Wajir County. The expected outcome of this project is an increased self-reliance and resilience to shocks among targeted women and an improved overall household well-being. The project also seeks to achieve an improved reporting and referral of protection issues and rights violations. The project will among other things work with local CSOs to address the need for women’s empowerment, champion improved protection for women and children; and work towards educating communities and strengthening their structures and local referral mechanisms to provide appropriate support to survivors of gender-based violence and equally prevent such occurrence.

  1. Purpose of Assignment
    A baseline will be conducted at the start of the project to measure the status of all indicators and to understand the starting point of key elements of the work against which later progress will be measured. The findings will enable the project team to track the project indicators at output and goal/outcome level to be measured and tracked.
    The baseline survey is intended for community members (women, men, boys and girls) and key project stakeholders (relevant County Government Departments, Child Protection Unit, Secondary School Teachers, Gender Technical Working Group, women groups) and will aim to help understand the current situation and gaps with respect to:
    • Level of awareness and human rights fulfilment and gender equality in Wajir County
    • Household economic status among the women in Wajir County
    • Livelihood practices of women in Wajir County
    • Level of understanding and functionality of the saving culture particularly among women in Wajir County
    • Business practices and entrepreneurship skills among women in Wajir County
    • Presence and effectiveness of rights committees in handling and referring complaints & grievances linked to women and child rights
    • Factors affecting enrollment and retention of boys and girls in schools in Wajir County.

  2. Methodology IR Kenya will select a lead consultant to undertake the baseline survey. The selected consultant will be required to prepare and present work-plan within the 14 days. The selected consultant will also present desirables data collection tools both for quantitative and qualitative data including the survey methodology. A total of 10 project sites; 5 in Wajir East and 5 in Wajir South sub-counties will be targets for this baseline survey.

Possible key respondents for the KIIs will be initially determined by the project team. HH survey questions are to be based on indicators of goals and outcomes as indicated below. The consultant team should submit the draft questionnaires when they provide the technical proposal to IR Kenya for the tender selection process. Once selected, the project team will provide all relevant project documents.

Sub-goal 1; Indicators # of CSOs participating in championing human rights, gender, and NRM and livelihoods issues. Indicators # of human rights campaigns with clear messages pursued by local CSOs at the county level.

Sub-goal 2;
Indicators; % of the target women able to access microfinance products from banks and IRK Islamic Micro Finance (IMF)

% of women groups who report training on microenterprise development and management

% of targeted women who have running businesses with at least 10% profitability

Sub-goal 3 Indicators; % increase of GBV and child abuse cases that are reported and receive an adequate, effective and timely response

  1. Duty/project Location: The project is located in Wajir County – Wajir East and Wajir South sub-counties.
  2. Indicative Assignment dates/Duration: The baseline assessment including gender analysis should be completed within a maximum of 14 days from the commencement of the task.
  3. Supervisor: IRK MEAL Unit, with support from the Programs Team
  4. Budget: Interested parties should submit an outline budget in Kenya Shillings with the Technical proposal which includes total days required to complete the baseline, fees, including logistical support and travel costs to be incurred and all other associated costs.
  5. IR’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy: As a condition of entering into a consultancy agreement the evaluator must sign IR Child protection and safeguarding Policies and abide by the terms and conditions thereof.
  6. Deliverables The baseline assessment including gender analysis should be completed within a maximum of 14 days from the commencement of the task. The main outputs of the baseline will be: i. Detailed action plan for the evaluation with related time-frames and deadlines ii. Review of the project documents, relevant studies, statistics and official reports iii. Baseline design, including data collection methods and tools iv. Field work and data collection Focus group discussions and KII will be conducted. vi. Conduct data analysis vii. Draft report for comments and input from the project team viii. Presentation at Country Office where the consultant will present the findings of the survey and facilitate discussion on the recommendations within IRK. ix. Submit final report and recommendations in English.

  7. Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required The consultant should: o Possess excellent assessment skills and must have experience with similar works. Knowledge of local dynamics is an added advantage o Relevant experience in Northern Kenya is an added advantage o Be available to conduct the fieldwork of the evaluation in Wajir during the month of June, 2020.

  8. Submission of Application: Interested candidates in the position are expected to provide the following documentation: • A technical proposal with detailed response to the TOR, with specific focus on addressing the scope of work and methodology to be used • Sample of similar previous works on, • Initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and indication of availability • A financial proposal detailing the daily rate expected, all relevant transportation costs, accommodation costs, etc. and initial work plan • CV including a minimum of 3 traceable, recent and relevant references to this task • Team composition with a lead consultant, and a CV of each person to be involved in the assignment, including relevant experience

All applications attached the following documents; Brief Company Profile. Certificate of incorporation PIN Tax Compliance Owners ID/Passport copy.

Selection of the consultant(s) will be based on: o How well the proposal meets the requirements set out in the Terms of Reference. o Relevant skills and experience. o Value for money.

The consultant should clearly demonstrate technical capacity to successfully complete the stated objectives with minimal supervision from IRK. The consultant should clearly demonstrate the ability to present data in an objective, concise, precise, and easy to understand manner.

How to apply

All applications to submit the above to the following address:
Drop their sealed Quotation in our office in Kirichwa Road off Ngong Road/Argwings Kodhek
PO Box: 417-00202 (KNH) Nairobi /Kenya
Telephone number: +254 727531220 / 2543861216
Fax number: +254 3861215
On or before 29th June 2020 at 4.00pm and ensure the a bid receipt form is signed.

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