Assistant Data Officer(VP) at CARE


Reporting to the Logistics Officer-Voucher, the Assistant Data Officer(VP) will be responsible for Traders mapping exercise in respective markets, conducting periodic Market Monitoring and reporting, Collecting data, analyzing it and generating timely reports, Capacity building voucher Monitors (Refugee Community Workers) and Traders. In addition, the incumbent will supervise Voucher Monitors and will work with Agencies involved in GFD voucher operation at camp level, UNHCR, WFP contracted Traders, Food Advisory Committee (FAC), other implementing agencies and CARE staff in other sectors.


  • Traders mapping exercise
    • Participate in mapping of WFP contracted traders in respective markets
    • Effectively use the data (provided by WFP) of all the traders that sell food commodities in the refugee camps and Dadaab town for mapping.
    • Electronically map out the location of the markets in the camps
    • Electronically map out the exact location and assign a unique code to each of the contracted trader.
  • Monitoring and reporting
    • Conduct periodic market monitoring utilizing tools, guidelines and a schedule provided by WFP.
    • Draft and provide detailed and timely market monitoring reports based on guidelines provided by WFP.
    • Share trader information with the supervisor.
    • Regularly participate in WFP monthly food coordination meetings, interagency forums and regular meetings with market committees
  • Staff Management
    • Train Voucher Monitors (Refugee Community Workers) under his supervision on collection of data from vendors.
    • Supervise the Voucher Monitors while collecting data in the field.
    • Manage performance of teams under his/her supervision.
  • Traders Training
    • Periodically organize for traders training in consultation with the Logistics Officer-Voucher.
    • Update traders on any compliance requirement expected by the government and WFP.
    • Facilitate trader meetings and discussions on best practices in business forums to share challenges and experiences.


  • Spending Authority: N/A
  • Supervision: 8 Refugee Community Workers (voucher monitors)
  • Decision Making: Normal decisions related to the responsibilities of the position and supervision of incentive Workers


External: Work with Agencies involved in GFD voucher operation at camp level. WFP, UNHCR, WFP contracted Traders and Food Advisory Committee (FAC) and other implementing agencies
Internal: CARE staff in other sectors


The position is based in Dadaab (Hagadera camp).This is a non-family working station. Hot weather is prevalent throughout the year with limited basic amenities. Road movement between duty station and Garissa as well as inter-camp movement must be under police escort (scheduled convoys), with strict adherence to safety and security instructions all the time. It is a six days work station with a compensatory time off according to CTO policy.
The incumbent shall reside in the CARE compound while executing official duties and shall obey and adhere to residential compound regulations.



  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences
  • 2 years of relevant working experience
  • A diploma in statistics with 3 years of experience will be considered.
  • Certificate: SPSS/STATA Certificate and Microsoft Office application


  • Strong analytical, quantitative, qualitative research skills – market analysis and programme design.
  • Knowledge of SPSS/STATA and advanced application of excel spreadsheets
  • Working knowledge of programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Excellent facilitation skills
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize activities per needs.
  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of HAP-I and other accountability frameworks.

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