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Online Aptitude Test – Changing Career Aptitude Tests

Taking an online aptitude test is something you need to consider if you want to change career. There are thousands of other people who are confused about what would be the ideal career choice for them. Don’t be ashamed if you are one of them. Remember, it’s not only you who are facing the same dilemma. Being unsure about your career is just a sign that you must consider taking a career assessment

Associate Director, Farms | ReliefWeb

About WE

WE is a movement that believes when we come together we can create an even better world. WE makes it easy for you to get involved – whether at home, school or work – by offering resources to help you create positive social change in your community and around the world.

Through WE Charity initiatives, WE empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty through our holistic, sustainable international development model, WE Villages.

In Canada, the US, and the UK, WE Day and WE Schools are initiatives of WE Charity that educate and empower young people. WE Schools is a year long educational program that nurtures compassion in students and gives them the tools to create transformative social change. WE Day is a series of stadium-sized events that celebrate youth making a difference in their local and global communities.

ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that provides people with better choices for a better world. We offer socially conscious and environmentally friendly products as well as life changing experiences. ME to WE measures the bottom line not by dollars earned, but by the number of lives changed and the positive social and environmental impact made. Half of ME to WE’s net profit is donated to WE Charity. The other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise and its social mission.

WE is looking for an outstanding Associate Director, Farms.

The position will be based in Tigoni, Kenya with frequent travel to Narok.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

As the Associate Director, Farms you are responsible for the following;

· Management of forward planning activities

· Creation and management of teams policies and procedures

· Organization of the farms financial records (working with finance and supervisor to highlight key areas)

· Develop Business strategies and plans and making sure they are implemented effectively.

· Ability to oversee rapid expansion of the farm

· Security over our produce, properties and assets

· Ensuring that all activities are in strict compliance with relevant legislations that is Government and other regulatory bodies

· Knowledge of threats to crops (disease, drought, etc)

· Marketing strategies, and creation of new products (value addition to farm outputs)

Minimum Skills and Qualifications Required

· Bachelor degree in Agriculture or related subject and possibly a post graduate qualification as well.

· Excellent computer skills

. 5 years Experience in leading of Farm activities in a supervisory level

· Excellent organizational and time management skills

· Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently

· Excellent project management skills

· Excellent oral and written communication skills

· Proven track record of successfully training employees in productivity and safety

· Ability to coach and mentor employees on a one-on-one basis as well as a group

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