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Barclays Bank Job Vacancy : Agricultural Specialist

1.       Research, analyse and keep abreast of all financial related products and solutions on offer to Agricultural clients in the Kenyan, African and global markets

2.       Keep abreast of National Government policies, strategies and initiatives in areas of responsibility to ensure sustainability and identify growth opportunities and solutions for the Agri sector

3.       Research, Analyse and report to management on the national and regional economic outlook and climatic conditions relating to Agriculture in the area of responsibility. Provide reports based on research done and do presentations.

4.       Provide technical, economic and financial information e.g. climate trends, global trade forecasts and trade prices to Relationship Managers, Credit and all other Key Stakeholders

5.       Conduct comprehensive competitor analysis in area of responsibility, document findings and present findings in a research report. Ensure that all research reports are stored appropriately.

6.       Assist Relationship Managers with sector specific industry knowledge and expertise in preparation for or during client engagement.

7.       Share and document best practices, trends and key experiences with peer group, Management and Agri function.

8.       Remain up to date on National Government policies on Agriculture including, inter alia;  subsidies, marketing and related processes; by attending networking events, forums, seminars and reading public press releases.

9.       Keep up to date with and provide Agriculture related information with regards to competitor activity and changes in the Agricultural industry by reading industry magazines, national press articles and industry websites and by attending industry forums and networking functions.

10.    Hold annual meetings to update and validate Agri Valuation Guidelines, to be approved by Regional Agri Manager, before distribution to relevant stakeholders.

11.    Assist Training and Development in compiling Agri training material for training of all staff with Agri clients or involved in Agri finance.

12.    Assist Training and Development with the training of all staff involved in Agri finance.

13.    Proactively interact with stakeholders e.g. product/ solutions experts, agricultural economists, primary and secondary Agri clients and co-operatives to obtain ideas and information for product development.

14.    Assist to complete business cases for submission to product and segment.


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