Best File Format To Submit Your CV

I have been actively applying for jobs throughout this year with a CV in word format. I would like to get successful and different results this year. Could I be making a mistake I have no idea about? Is there an established standard format for sending out a CV to a Kenyan employer?” – John

Your CV is your sales pitch. You wouldn’t want a sales pitch that sells you short or communicates the wrong message. You’ve thoroughly gone through the CV, highlighted your transferable skills, and triple-checked for any grammatical errors that could deny you the interview. Now the only question is how do you submit it? Should it be a PDF or Word document?

CV Writing professionals alike agree that the file format that seems to give an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and employers the least trouble is Microsoft Word (.doc). Therefore, if you are submitting applications online, an MS-Word document may be your best bet. 

If, however, you have graphic design elements in your CV, then the PDF format is your best choice. If you are emailing CVs directly to people, then send them a PDF.

Also, sometimes the formatting of MS Word documents can get messed up in translation. Formatting can be lost, pagination can get too animated, and sometimes a bullet point becomes another odd character. 

With the digital novelty, many companies have turned to online methods to advertise for their vacant slots like LinkedIn, online websites, and recruitment sites. In such cases, they will give clear instructions on the subject line, length of CV they require, and the format that you should use to send your CV. Follow the format specified to ensure that you are not locked out.

If the file format required has not been specified, send a Word format and have a PDF format ready in case it is required. 

One common mistake some candidates do is to share their CVs in Google Docs. This is hard to open and may cause you to lose on a job opportunity. If your file format is not correct, then there are chances you are losing the job opportunities.

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