Business Partnerships and Resource Development Delegate, COVID-19

The Business PRD Delegate Support will be required to:

1. Strategic Partnership development and engagement

­ Priorities and highlight key deliverables of the current COVID-19 operations and country operational plan for each of the results areas

­ Develop a longer-term funding needs assessment for COVID-19 response, recovery and preparedness of the appeal

­ From discussions with internal key stakeholders and identify potential funders outside the RCRC Movement and coordinate with relevant RCRC actors to access the funding

­ Develop a broad coordination and communications mechanism to fundraise utilizing IFRC’s online giving link

­ Contribute to the strengthened accountability of the country operational plan and COVID-19 emergency appeals by ensuring the development of a grant management tracker and updates on the funding table

­ Attend to and organize partners’/donor calls and meetings as required for continued donor engagement

2. Business Development

­ Put in place and marketing acceleration plan for COVID1-19 Emergency plan

­ Assess regional and country level donor environment, develop and put in place donor matrix based on thematic areas of focus of the appeal Operational Plan

­ Identify key funding priorities and funding sources and, building on previous funding proposals, develop high quality proposals in consultation with the technical leads

­ Set up meetings with key funding partners – bringing together core technical staff, IFRC leadership and IFRC membership with funding agencies.

­ Develop tools and put in place a mechanism for generating partnership leads, tracking funding needs and proposal development which can be sustained after the support period

How to apply

Please visit… to submit your application for consideration.

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