Chief Executive Officer at Attain Enterprise Solutions Ltd

In the 21st Century, automation of business processes is key if any business intends to achieve its core objectives and sky – rocket productivity. Attain Enterprise Solutions Ltd. is a leading technology and solutions provider specializing in software development and implementation, systems support and I.T. consultancy. Having been in operation since 2003, we have gained vast experience in implementing IT solutions that will help streamline your business operations and transform your organization. We employ proven best practices and processes to improve efficiency throughout your enterprise through improved service levels, and cutting down on operating costs thereby generating revenue growth.


The ideal candidate is required to share a passion for reshaping the business and bring it to stand in the league of major Technology Solutions Provider around the globe. The selected person shall be required to develop and lead a major change management program to address the Company’s Project Implementation, financial, operational, commercial and cultural turn-around, including guiding and motivating the employees to deliver their best performance, as a team. The successful candidate will also be expected to have excellent people management and communication skills with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The CEO’s role will be expected to transform the organization from slow-paced, unresponsive structures into what the Directors believe is the future of work. S/he will have to transform and operate multiple different software projects each with its own challenges, learn how to operate them in our unique and revolutionary operating environment.

The Success on the role will be measured on operating margin achievement, the quality of operating company talent, the company’s effective use of ownership-managed shared services, and customer experience. S/he is expected to enable the management team to grow and achieve their individual potentials.


  • Project by project review of contracts, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and financial status to provide excellent customer success plans, high NPS scores and restructuring plans to evolve the customer’s footprint.
  • Project by project deep dives resulting in a documented improvement plan that needs to yield 25% improvement Q/Q for projects in their support state and 50% improvement Q/Q for projects in their implementation phase
  • Function by function deep dives resulting in a documented improvement plan (engineering, support, Project support, management support, Finance, Supply Chain etc.
  • Automation plans that enable higher throughput with optimized cost.
  • Hiring plans to improve the talent pool in your team, create the required pipelines and upgrade your team’s talent on a regular basis.
  • Documentation and knowledge transition plans to retain company knowledge.
  • Oversee the transformation process of new projects and build a plan for each on how to adapt it to the future of work.
  • Travel to project sites to ensure Customer success.


  • High IQ, high-velocity leader with over 15 years of experience with a minimum of 5+ years of software engineering experience. In depth management experience in a multi-functional environment including customer-facing operations such as Professional Services, Customer Support, and Account Management is also key.
  • A software expert and hands-on, control freak at the core such that he or she is both capable of and passionate about the details as well as unyielding in his or her expectations for accurate analysis of the most important problems.
  • Ability to hold an extremely high bar on talent, embracing the Crossover model of top 1% global talent and understanding that there is no more important asset in a software company than its people.
  • Previous experience on a similar role in a small and medium- sized company or a senior functional leader in a similar portfolio will be an added advantage.
  • 5+ years as a hands-on experience as a software developer or architect or in software managerial roles.
  • 5+ years of experience as a cross functional leader (engineering and one or more of support, finance, sales, projects or management).
  • Experience in transformation of projects in software environment, can devise great plans to restructure companies into success.
  • 3+ years of experience working with customers on escalations and customer satisfaction challenges.
  • Relevant Managerial experience
  • P&L responsibility over at least $1.5M

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