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Chief Operations Officer

1. Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management:

  • Working in partnership with the Executive Director and team, create the strategic five-year plan and implement new processes and approaches to achieve it.
  • Serve as the internal leader of the organization:

  • Coordinate the annual operations plan and budget

  • Lead the performance management process that measures and evaluates progress against goals for the organization

  • Provide for all staff a strong day-to-day leadership presence; bridge operations and support an open-door policy among all staff.

  • · Work with the Executive Director and leadership teams, set strategy to maximize success towards CFK’s vision.

  • · Provide quarterly updates to the ED on progress of the Strategic plan.

2. Program Management:

  • · Ensure program and operational deliverables are met, maintaining a solid overview of progress against goals, budgets, burn rates, timelines and challenges while assisting with problem-solving where needed.
  • · Oversee sound planning, maintenance, evaluation, and improvement of all CFK programs and operations.
  • · Support the design and development of new programs that may be appropriate and necessary in the Kibera community/similar settings and resonate with CFK’s values, expertise and resources.
  • · Ensure compliance with donor requirements including accurate programmatic and financial reporting and required interim and final reports.
  • · Oversee programmatic goal achievement, program evaluation implementation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, and communications.
  • · Submit monthly reports to ED on all CFK activities.

3. Finance and Administration;

  • · Oversee creation and execution of annual operating budget and all required financial reporting.
  • · Support the Head of Finance to develop an accounting system that provides the organization with quick access to financial information and enables strategic budgeting.
  • · Support the Head of Operation to analyze the current technology infrastructure and scope out the next level of information technology and financial systems that support the growth of specific programs and the organization overall.
  • · Development and implementation of systems for reporting, measurement and supporting revenue generation.
  • · Oversee the generation and review of timely and accurate monthly financial management reports.
  • · In coordination with the Head of Finance, establish a strong system of internal controls. This includes organizing periodic internal audits and assessments to evaluate effectiveness.
  • · Oversee the annual external audits and the filing of relevant documents with respective regulatory authorities.
  • · Work with the national board of directors: present to the board at quarterly meetings and serve on board committees.

4. Team Management and Development:

  • Lead and provide direct supervision for the Senior Leadership Team (Heads of Programs, Finance, Administration and Research & Development).
  • Ensure that staff is mentored, supervised and evaluated in a way that contributes to an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and development while ensuring accountability to beneficiaries, partners, colleagues and donors by providing ongoing feedback in a context of mutual respect.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team, review and assess the status of policies, procedures and workflows, identify gaps or outdated policies and prioritize improvements.
  • Empower staff to reach goals, with ultimate accountability for goal attainment.
  • Identify members of staff to mentor for potential leadership roles.
  • Recruit, mentor and retain high-performing staff that fosters the mission and vision of CFK.

5. Program Quality Assurance/Research, Advocacy and Policy:

Provide guidance and oversight to direct reports and their staff to work effectively with the Head of Research & Development and his/her team of technical program experts to ensure:

  • High quality, optimal impact, sustainability, scalability and cost-effectiveness of all programs.
  • Technical and operational needs are proactively addressed to ensure quality programs that meet the highest management, scientific and ethical standards.
  • The accurate and timely reporting of program results and deliverables including regular highlights from the country and regional programs.
  • Identify operational research needs and opportunities for partnerships and funding to address these;
  • Support partnerships for research in CFK program areas; and

6. Business Development:

  • Work with Head of Research and Development to develop and implement strategies to meet long-term restricted and unrestricted funding needs.
  • Work with Head of Research and Development his/her team to actively scope and identify new partnerships and collaborative opportunities that enhance the quality, depth and reach of CFK’s work.
  • Enhance data and processes needed for effective decision-making and fundraising, ensuring coordination and teamwork among technical, operations and business development staff in support of an efficient and robust proposal development process.
  • Work with Head of Finance to optimize segmented accounting information to inform effective decision especially as it pertains to strategic investments in CFK’s future.

How to apply

  • Submit a one-page resume saved as a PDF along with a one-page cover letter saved as a PDF to [email protected] to reach us not later than Friday, 24th July 2020. In your cover letter please address why you are interested in this position.
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