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Compliance Audit Consultant

  1. Background

    Kakenya’s Dream (KD) is a nonprofit organization which invests in girls from rural communities through education, health and leadership initiatives. It is registered as a Trust under the Perpetual Succession Act and is domiciled in Kenya, and has two offices one located in Nairobi and the other in Isampin, Transmara West Sub County, Narok County. Our programs operate in Transmara, one of the remotest and most marginalized regions of Kenya, where nearly 80% of girls continue to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) at puberty, 50% are married before the age of 19, and only 17% complete primary education. Girls’ education is not a priority for family or community investment, and social norms perpetuate low educational achievement. Investing in girls’ education yields profoundly positive outcomes not only for the girl, but for her family and community as well.

  2. Purpose of the assignment

    KD intends to carry out a compliance audit to gauge how well it adheres to rules and regulations, standards, and applicable laws. Part of an audit is also to review the effectiveness of KD’s internal controls and governance structures.

  3. Key areas of responsibility and deliverables;

    a. Identify, list, and analyze the current country laws, regulations and policies under which KD operates.

    b. Evaluate KD’s existing policies and procedures to assess the extent of their compliance with the relevant laws.

    c. Evaluate KD’s governance & leadership structures.

    d. Evaluate the security and integrity of computer systems, applications, and data with a particular focus on financial, personnel and students/parents biographical data/files/applications .

    e. Identify any specific deficiencies in the internal and external compliance that pose potential legal risk and liability.

    f. Conduct an organizational wide compliance risk assessment to identify regulatory, legal, reporting, internal and external compliance requirements.

    g. Develop an inventory of compliance requirements relevant to KD.

    h. Complete a detailed compliance risk assessment to identify all the risks, supporting controls and any potential gaps for remediation.

    i. Share independent external advice and best practices with Management.

How to apply

Application’s requirements and considerations;

Please submit your technical and financial proposal detailing your interpretation of the terms of reference and methodology for carrying out the assignment, expression of interest, work plan including proposed timeline, a brief capabilities statement and 3 references; to Kakenya’s Dream, via email to [email protected] on or before close of business on 30th August, 2021.

Timeframe and Considerations;

a. All deliverables to be met within 1 month.

b. Contract and award to be communicated once a suitable vendor has been identified.

c. The consultant will be required to travel to Transmara for an effective evaluation.

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