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Online Aptitude Test – Changing Career Aptitude Tests

Taking an online aptitude test is something you need to consider if you want to change career. There are thousands of other people who are confused about what would be the ideal career choice for them. Don’t be ashamed if you are one of them. Remember, it’s not only you who are facing the same dilemma. Being unsure about your career is just a sign that you must consider taking a career assessment

Conflict Information Needs Assessment | ReliefWeb

About FilmAid: FilmAid is an international development and humanitarian communications organization that harnesses the power and influence of media and the arts to respond to emergencies as well as promote social change through dialogue in order to protect the wellbeing of displaced and vulnerable populations by building stronger, healthier, and more informed communities around the world. FilmAid has been using the power of film and media for 19 years. Its work in social behavior change communication (SBCC) spans more than 12 years. FilmAid has been working in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps for 17 years with a wealth of knowledge in behavior and attitudes of refugees and hosting communities concerning their health and social habits.

Project background/Description:

FilmAid through a project for Youth Inclusion and Human trafficking activities for Refugees in Dadaab, Garissa County is tasked to develop media and arts based projects that will engage the youth in this region in dialogue that will identify appropriate and sustainable action in the youth, as influencers of peacemaking and agents of change. FilmAid seeks to influence the community’s knowledge and attitude on safe migration in order to combat trafficking of persons. The project will use media and art specifically film, radio, theatre and music as a tool to create awareness on the themes highlighted and provide sustainable linkages and synergy with vocational skills, livelihood and education services, products and initiatives offered by other actors in this projects. FilmAid’s role will be to develop appropriate media and implement awareness activities on themes on youth-led peace promotion, youth-led campaigns to create awareness on peaceful co existence and human trafficking.

This consultancy is aimed at understanding armed violence and peace building affecting migrant youth in Dadaab refugee camp and the host community in and around Dadaab. The study will ensure a political, economic and gender analysis on armed violence, peace building and human trafficking affecting the youth, identify information gaps related to the theme and recommend key messages to use for awareness campaigns using radio, theater and other IEC material while taking into account the diversity of the population (gender, age, ethnicity, disability).

The aim of this consultancy is to identify:

A. What are the political, economic, gender factors are in armed violence and human trafficking?

B. What are the information gaps on armed violence, human trafficking and peace building?

C. What kind of information do people require on armed violence reduction, preventing human trafficking and peace building?

D. How do people access this information?

E. Which means/channels of information are available to them? F. What is the most trusted way of accessing information

Specific tasks for the consultant:

  1. Review relevant literature such as project documents and population statistics, including past studies of information needs relevant to the target respondents.
  2. Develop study tools in close cooperation with FilmAid Kenya, Lutheran World Federation and Danish Refugee Council.
  3. Provide in writing a methodology for the rapid needs assessment and conduct a review meeting.
  4. Supervise data collection.
  5. Transcribe and translate all material recorded in local dialects during data collection into English.
  6. Analyze behaviors, attitudes and practices of the respondents including information needs and gaps in Dadaab and Garissa county residents.
  7. Develop a Message Guide in matrix format clearly identifying the target audiences, Demographics, Psychophysics (motives, focus, aspirations, behavior related to the subject matter of study etc.), Influencers, Desired Behavior/ Beliefs and Key messages.
  8. Present an initial draft report and a final report after consultation with FilmAid.
  9. Provide printed and soft guide/ tools to FilmAid.
  10. Work with relevant program staff to support the editing of a monitoring and evaluation framework based on the message guide developed.
  11. Conduct jointly with FilmAid a one-day workshop with stakeholders in Dadaab to disseminate finding of the needs assessment and how the message guide will be implemented.Consultant’s profile

Candidates who apply for this consultancy should ideally possess the following qualification:

  • Sound understanding and experience conducting studies in armed violence reduction, peace building and human trafficking.
  • Familiarity with Communication for Development and Communication with Communities.
  • Previous works in Information Needs studies in migration setups and remote communities.
  • Practical experience with participatory approaches while working with various stakeholders.
  • Be familiar with communicating with possibly marginalized communities (host) and vulnerable persons (refugees)
  • Ability to conduct surveys in various ethnic languages of the Great Lakes and Horn of AfricaRequirements:
    The consultant will be expected to submit a proposal indicating the intended methodology of the study that will be used to arrive at the expected objectives of the consultancy. The methodology should be presented in a clear and simple format. The proposal should also include a detailed work plan and budget proposal.

Timeline and schedule

Deadline for submitting of proposal: 19th of April 2019

Deadline for final report: 20 days after signing the contract The consultant will be needed to start this assignment IMMEDIATELY.

Administrative and technical appendices:

A. Methodological approach

B. Work schedule adopted for the service provision

C. Itinerary

D. Lead Consultant’s CV E. Budget proposal

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