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Consultancy – Agriculture Equipment Specialist



The Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP), an Education for Employment (EFE)

program of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) working in collaboration with the Kenyan

Ministry of Education (MOE) will support Kenya in the revitalization of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system, which has historically run on low capacity and minimal interest from potential students.

KEFEP is a five-year (2016-2021) program funded by Global Affairs Canada. The program will

work at the national level with the Directorate for TVET of the MOE and at the institutional level with the ten national polytechnics across Kenya. It will also engage industry stakeholders in the identification of skills gaps, the development of relevant occupational standards and curricula, and the improvement of training facilities to improve the capacity of Kenyan institutions and agencies to implement TVET reform initiatives; increase the effectiveness of partner institutions to deliver industry-responsive skills training; and strengthen the quality of industry-responsive skills training programs.

KEFEP’s ultimate outcome is to provide increased economic opportunities for male and female graduates from TVET institutions in Kenya.

The three intermediate program results are:

  • Improved quality and relevance of skills training programs at partner institutions
  • Increased effectiveness of partner institutions in delivering accessible and gender responsive skills training programs that meet private sector needs to trainees
  • Increased effectiveness of national Kenyan agencies in implementing TVET reform

Colleges and Institutes Canada through its office in Nairobi invites proposals for the provision of training services on behalf of its implementing partner, Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, who will be the contracting entity.

Current Situation: CICan has launched the implementation phase of KEFEP, which includes supporting the Meru National Polytechnic (MNP) in delivering a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) course in Agriculture Extension. The consultant hired will be responsible for preparing the MNP’s trainers in the operation and maintenance of the MNP agriculture equipment. It is expected that the training facilitated by the consultant will allow MNP’s trainers to develop their competencies to become fully autonomous on agriculture extension equipment handling. The position is focused on supporting competency-based education and training. It therefore requires a good degree of familiarity with TVET and educational concepts.**

Consultancy Title: Agriculture Extension Equipment Specialist – Trainer **

Level of Effort: Minimum of 25 hours training delivered over 5 consecutive days **

Duration: Training to be delivered in September 2021**

Consultancy Fee: To be proposed by the applicant**

Location for training delivery: Training will take place at the Meru National Polytechnic’s school farm.**

Language of intervention: English.**

Mandate: Develop a practical training on adequate use and maintenance of agriculture extension equipment in a school farm context. Agriculture extension equipment will be available at the MNP school farm. The training will be delivered to a group of Agriculture trainers.**

Specifics of the Mandate:

· Develop training plan and training materials.

· Prepare practical learning activities involving the use of agriculture extension equipment in accordance with the instructions of each manufacturer.

· Prepare practical learning activities involving the development of equipment operation procedures in accordance with the instructions of each manufacturer.

· Prepare practical learning activities involving the development of agriculture extension equipment maintenance procedures in accordance with the instructions of each manufacturer.

· Include environmental sustainability in all aspects of the mandate.

· Refer to Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) when applicable.


· Training plan including related theory, methodology, practical learning activities descriptions, required resources, etc.

· Training materials.

· Delivery of the training (duration of 25h over 5 days).

Description of the equipment available at the MNP school farm:

• Egg handling equipment

• Feed mixing equipment

• Tractor 100 HP

• Trailer (for tractor.) – 4 tonnes single axle tipping, dimensions 4000x2000x500, single hydraulic, tipping direction rear.

• Disc plough (cultivator)

• Disc harrow

• Rotovator / Rotary cultivater

• Forage choper/chuff cuter

• Seed drills

• Row crop planter (for corn)

• Baler

• Mouldboard plough

• Spring tined harrow

• Spike tooth harrow

• Tractor mounted sprayer

• Manure spreader

• Spinning disc fertilizer distributor

• Chisel plough

• Viewing hive for bees

• Soil Leveler

• Ridger

• Corn sheller and grider

• Wax processing equipment (honey)

• Potato planter

• Inter-row cultivator

• Potato digger/ Harvester

• Rotary mower/Slasher

• Thresher

Consultant required qualifications:

· At least Technical Training Certificate in Agriculture or a related area. A Bachelor’s Degree in the subject area will be considered as a plus.

· At least 5 years experience in the Agriculture Extension sector, especially with regard to the use of agriculture extension equipment.

· Good knowledge of TVET or the higher education sector is highly desirable. Previous experience in facilitation or teaching will be considered as a selection eliminatory element.

· Strong communication skills (written and verbal).

· Fluency in English.

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit the following by 12 August 2021 to [email protected] with the subject line “Application: *Provision of Training Services-Meru National Polytechnic’’:*

  • CV written in English language (max 3 pages)
  • Contact details
  • Three (3) references
  • Proposed fully inclusive daily rate in Kenya Shillings
  • KRA PIN certificate
  • Valid KRA tax compliance certificate

Documents should be submitted as one PDF file. Phone calls or in-person visits will not be accepted.

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