Consultancy -Climate Change Programme Design for HECA

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The Horn East and Central Africa (HECA) region has about 80-90% of people that derive their livelihoods from activities that are greatly influenced directly by Climate Change related events such as drought, floods, rainfall variability, heat waves and cyclones. The population in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, ASAL region of Kenya and the entire Somalia have been enduring near-constant severe drought for over a decade and they are struggling to survive without large scale humanitarian assistance. Overall, the effects have caused increased level of vulnerability especially amongst the rural and urban poor populations because of displacement, conflict over resources, urbanization, high levels of food insecurity, malnutrition, famine, pest and diseases outbreaks with occasional death of livestock and humans. Women, children and youth in the region have continued to bear the brunt of Climate Change including psychosocial effects and domestic violence. The IPCC 5th Assessment reports projected that 10 Years from now (if nothing appropriate is done urgently), there will be increased food insecurity, negative health impact and conflicts at community and regional level over diminishing natural resources.

Subsequently, Oxfam in the Horn, East and Central Africa (HECA) is looking for a qualified consultant(s) to develop a regional climate change programme that highlights the key approaches, focus areas and interventions for addressing the impacts of climate change in the region and target countries.

The Assignment

Specific Objectives

  1. To identify focus areas for climate change action in the region based on mapping and analysis of vulnerability to climate change impacts and high impact programme approaches that can be replicated and scaled up

  2. To design a flagship regional climate change programme targeting 4 countries and undertaking resource mobilisation to support its implementation and leveraging of learning for Oxfam’s Climate Change Initiative

  3. To identify partners at regional and national level with whom the countries and region can work with in the implementation of the climate change programme(s)

How to apply

If you believe your experience and qualifications match our requirements, apply using this link

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