Consultancy: Development of a Recovery and Resilience Fund Manual

GROOTS Kenya in partnership with CREAW and CCDG will implement a COVID-19 recovery and resilience program with support from MasterCard Foundation in 10 counties namely: Nairobi, Kilifi, Kiambu, Kwale, Mombasa, Busia, Kajiado, Mandera, Kakamega and Tana-river. As part of the program GROOTS Kenya will set up a GBV Survivors’ Resilience Fund targeting around 1000 recipient to reintegrate and rebuild their lives by engaging in economic/business activities. GROOTS Kenya will partner with a commercial institution through the establishment of a Guarantee Facility for repayable loans. Loan recipients will receive complementary support inform of entrepreneurship training under the project. It’s against this background that we seek the services of a Financial Lending specialist to develop a Recovery and Resilience Fund Manual. The COVID-19 recovery and resilience program is a rapid response program and the consultant(s) should be available to start work immediately. The funding manual should be ready in one month’s period to enable the program to commence lending. The proposed fund manual shall include (and not limited to) the following sections;

Chapter one: Project Background & Objectives of the Manual

· Project Background

· Rationale & objectives of the fund manual

· Users of the fund manual

· Target loan recipients

· Activities qualifying under this loan product:

· Mapping of target loan recipients saving Mobilization

Chapter two: Fund Policies and Procedures

· Loan amount, grace period, interest rate, loan charges, repayment period, penalties and loan insurance

· Loan Application, Appraisal and Approval

· Loan Agreement, Collateralization/Security and Disbursement

· Loan Repayment and Collection

· Loan Monitoring and Tracking

· Managing Delinquency and Default

· Transition from a project beneficiary to a loan applicant

· Fund flow chart

Chapter three: The Institutional Framework

· Institutional framework of the fund component:

Ø National fund oversight committee

Ø Committee and county fund committee

· Roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders

Chapter four: Financial Education and Technical Capacity Enhancement

Chapter five: Accounting and Monitoring of the Fund

· Accounting documents for the fund

· Fund loan and performance monitoring

Annexes: Loan Vetting Documents and Loan Application Forms

Specific Consultancy Tasks

· Conduct consultative & thought meetings with GROOTS Kenya, CREAW, and Centre for Collaborative Governance and MasterCard Foundation.

· Conduct consultative meetings with selected grassroots GBV frontline workers and responders, financial sector stakeholders

· Carry out literature review of the project/program background documents

· Content development for the above defined section of the fund manual

· Content validation with identified stakeholders

· Drafting of the final funding manual.

Expected Deliverables;

· An inception report

· Report of the consultative and thought meetings.

· A detailed outline of the funding manual

· Draft and Final Fund Manual

Required Qualifications:

· Expertise in financial markets and lending

· High quality writing skills

· Past experience working with commercial banks and financial instruction

· Detailed understanding of the profiles of different categories of borrowers

· Past experience in set up of funding mechanisms and administration of fund to special category borrows

· Fluency in spoken Swahili, written and spoken English.

How to apply

Applicants should submit Technical proposal with indicative budget and CVs to [email protected] . This is an individual consultant call. Consultants can apply as an individual or jointly (A max of 2). For joint application the bid must clearly demonstrated areas of complementarity.

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