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Consultancy in development of five (5) year strategy for the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) 2022 – 2027

1.0 About Us

I Choose Life – Africa (ICL) is a leading youth focused Non-Governmental Organizations that has significantly contributed to the realization of socio-economic development and empowerment of individuals bringing about transformative change across communities in Kenya. The organization has over 16 years’ experience implementing evidence-based adolescents and youth programs in over 345 institutions of learning (Primary, Secondary and Higher learning institutions) across 25 Counties in Kenya. ICL aims at contributing towards improved life opportunities of adolescent and youth aged 10-24 using a holistic transformational model. ICL employs evidence to design and run innovative and high impact interventions to improve key indicators in health, education, economic empowerment and leadership and governance with regards to children, adolescents and youth. To ensure maximum impact, ICL utilizes a multi-sectorial approach, Quadra Helix development approach (which brings together the Government, Private sector, Academia and Civil society) to foster innovative and sustainable transformation in communities. In this model ICL envisions better health and well-being, quality education and improved livelihoods for sustainable development. In her work, ICL is guided by Vision 2030 whose objectives it seeks to cascade to counties, sub counties, wards, organized groups and households. In her sustainable and transformative service delivery, ICL invests in generation and documentation of evidence to influence policy and practice. The organization is guided by a vision of a “Healthy Africa, Empowered People!” and is on a mission to improve the life opportunities of youth aged 10-24 through strategic empowerment for sustainable development.

2.0 Background


Over the past few years, the communities and various entities within the Region have come together to synergize their efforts towards the development of the Region. Akamba Leadership Forum (ALF) that brings together Church leaders and community elders from various regional organizations was formed. The three (3) counties namely Kitui, Machakos and Makueni, largely due to their historical, political, and economic similarities, signed an agreement to work towards creating the relevant legal instruments that formally establish South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB). This was borne out of the necessity to address common development challenges and synchronize the economic and development future of the Region. The aim of the partnership is to galvanize resources in the three counties and working in unison, spur holistic growth and development of the community. This will take into account the historical cultural, socio-economic, education, agriculture and livelihoods including and leadership development at all levels of the communities.

I Choose Life – Africa would be issuing an Expression of Interest for the development of The Strategic Plan that will provide an audacious vision and a clear roadmap for actualizing the vision. It will also serve as an opportunity for engaging community and county leadership in co-creating growth and development. The process should strengthen public and citizen participation and also provide opportunities to harness civil society and other key players in the private sector; professionals and the Diaspora in a multi sectoral process managed by communities in the South Eastern region in accelerating development.

3.0 Key Deliverable

3.1 2021-2022 SEKEB Strategic Plan developed.

3.2 Citizens engaged in civic education and community mobilized for the implementation of the Strategy

4.0 Duration of the Consultancy and Proposed Budget

The assignment must be completed within a maximum of thirty (30) working days. The timeframe for deadlines should be considered as fixed and final plan presented by 15th September 2020. The Consultant will be expected to present a budget.

5.0 Qualifications

The consultant(s)/firm should fulfill the following minimum criteria:

5.1 Master’s degree in economics, business administration, development studies, project management, social sciences, or any related field

5.2 At least eight years’ practical experience in institutional development, planning, governance, and strategy development

5.3 Familiar with the current rules and regulations relating to the devolved system of government with specific reference to investment facilitation and promotion

5.4 Familiar with national development plans such as Vision 2030

5.5 Should have developed other strategies related to investment policies, plans and strategies in the last three years

5.6 Strong analytical capacity combined with ability to synthesize/communicate conclusions and recommendations

5.7 Excellent facilitation skills

5.8 Fluent in English (written and spoken); knowledge of local languages is an added value

5.9 Excellent writing skills

5.10 Preference will be given to Kenyan Nationals

How to apply

The deadline for submission of expressions of interest (Technical and Financial proposal) is July 31, 2020. Applications should be sent by email to [email protected] Please indicate code “ICL/SEKEB/007/2020 – Strategic Plan” in the subject line of your email application the proposal should clearly indicate.

6.1 The understanding of the ToR

6.2 Proposed methodology and work plan

6.3 Proposed Budget, including cost of the consultative and validation activities

6.4 A profile of the firm including full names (s), physical addresses, telephone numbers

6.5 CVs of consultants who will undertake the assignment including reference details of previous clients

6.6 Samples of two similar assignments undertaken during the past 5 years

All documents must be submitted not later than 3.00pm Kenyan Time on 31st July 2020 via email to [email protected] and copy [email protected]

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