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Consultancy services for a needs and market assessment and proposal modelling in Commercialization of the Pyrethrum Sub-sector

DanChurch Aid is seeking to recruit a dynamic and experienced consultant to engage in consultancy needs and market assessment and proposal modelling in Commercialization of the Pyrethrum Sub-sector in Kenya.

1. Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to undertake

· A comprehensive pyrethrum market systems mapping and analysis that expounds on the framework[1] conditions and impediments limiting growth of the pyrethrum sector in Kenya.

· Generation of an operational model that enhances Job creation for various stakeholders and increased export of pyrethrum products from Kenya.

1. Specific Tasks and deliverables

The tasks include:

Undertake the pyrethrum market systems mapping including challenges and opportunities of all the market players engaged in pyrethrum production (from input supply, financing, legal frameworks, production

  1. Pyrethrum market systems mapping:

· Map existing players in the pyrethrum market systems

· Assess the barriers and drivers hindering growth of the sector at each level of the market system

· Assess the regulatory framework supporting or limiting the growth of the sector

· Identify any gaps including regulatory frameworks affecting producers and consumers safety

· Assess the state and non-state actor’s role in enhancing the growth of the sector.

· Elucidate on the production barriers limiting productivity and commercialisation of the sector

· Identify and document the value and volume (current and potential) for the local, county, national, regional and international markets for pyrethrum and pyrethrum products.

  1. Formulate modelling options to catalyse growth in the pyrethrum sector:

Formulate and detail the pros and cons; as well as indicators of success for at least 3 models that address framework conditions to enhance:

· Improved access to jobs and income-generating activities (Including mapping of supporting employment opportunities such as production and supply of packaging, labelling, storage, transport etc) with a focus for women, youth and individuals from marginalized groups

· Improved framework conditions (in targeted sectors e.g. improved access to finance, improved access to skilled labour, improved access to markets, adherence to labour market regulations, enhanced opportunities for women, youth and other vulnerable groups, optimisation of environmental sustainability, health and safety concerns for both producers and consumers

The deliverables include:

· Pyrethrum market assessment report

· Market Systems development models

· An ideation workshop to review and agree on one operational model (that will include DCA staff, producers, pyrethrum growers’ association of Kenya and any other relevant stakeholder)

1. Methodology.

· The Consultant is expected to respond to this call with a detailed proposed methodology and itinerary which upon successful contracting will be discussed during the inception meeting.

· As the assessment is market and end-user oriented with a special focus on commercial viability, meetings with following are expected: Producers, Producer Co-operatives and associations, Processors, Pyrethrin based businesses, Agri-finance entities, State Actors in the pyrethrum sector; Export Council etc.

  1. Required qualifications

· Academic:

Advanced university degree in marketing, economics, socio-economic development, development planning, financial management or other related fields.

· Professional Experience:

o Minimum of five years’ experience in livelihood study, value chain study, market study, policy review and development research, financial inclusion and credits, digital tools or similar

o Proven assessment experiences from similar assignments including participatory assessment methodologies, appreciative enquiry methods, focus group interviews, etc.

o Demonstrable experience of engaging with and networks amongst the private sector in Kenya including the financial sector

o Proven experience from NGO-based development assistance in the HoA and Kenya is an added advantage.

How to apply

1. Contact persons:

In case of any questions, or need for clarification, please write to:

Patrick Kibuku, Head of Program: [email protected]

2. All applications to should be send on this email address not later than 5th July 2020: [email protected] **

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