Country: Kenya
Organization: Habitat for Humanity
Closing date: 30 Nov 2022

Terms of Reference for Conducting Artisan Training for Semi-skilled and Skilled Artisans Laikipia County.


Habitat for Humanity Kenya (HFHK) is among the 70 country affiliates of HFH International. In Kenya, we were registered in 1982 as Non-Governmental Organization, with the goal of enabling low income families access decent and affordable shelter. In the last 40 years, HFHK has supported more than 56,000 families across 9 counties in Kenya through housing micro-finance and direct construction. We are currently operating in Laikipia, Homabay, Kisumu, Tana River and Machakos. Our Business Plan (2020-2025) has outlined four Programmatic Areas namely: Financing for owner-led construction; Settlement-Based Practice; Secure Land Tenure; Disaster Risk Reduction & Response (DR3).

In Laikipia County, our work is centered in (5) five locations in the county i.e. Nanyuki, Mukima, Naibor, Marura and Rumuruti for the past five years. During this time, HFH Kenya has constructed 76 houses (25 in Rumuruti and 51 within Nanyuki environs) and an equivalent number of toilets. We have also constructed classrooms and sanitation facilities in 2 public schools – Mukima Secondary School and Mbombo Primary School with a 3rd school project in progress and 2 successful community water boreholes. HFHK’s approach to delivery of homes to vulnerable families is through direct construction where we engage local artisans to construct the house on labor contract while all the other construction materials and logistics are handled directly through the HFHK set policy and procedures. Through the years of implementing the vulnerable group housing, HFHK has faced shortage of skilled “Fundis which is also affirmed by the national statistics which shows that the construction industry comes second in the total number of skill gap and vacancy/employment. Bearing this in mind, masons (fundis) are the major players involved in the erection of houses for the low-income households (LIH) who build incrementally and construction. HFHK recognize that learning route to artisanship applies to workers who have been in employment in the artisanal field and have gained practical experience by working with qualified artisans.

Through this training and subsequent certification of fundis HFHK aims to ensure informally trained artisans are tested, certified and recognized to access decent jobs that further expose them to jobs that reveal them to advanced skills, technologies and building materials. These efforts will support homeowners to access improved quality and affordable housing construction labour.

Habitat for Humanity Kenya seeks to hire a training consultant who will mobilize artisans, conduct training needs, train and facilitate certification with relevant regulatory entities and bodies in Laikipia County.


  • To identify training site as per the curriculum needs within the specified location.
  • Consultants will do a Training skill gap assessment and share a report.
  • Train 20 selected artisans drawn from target project areas which include Nanyuki, Juakali and Naibor as per the curriculum approved by NITA
  • To evaluate the participant’s performance, carry out skill test and prepare completion report of the artisan training.
  • Facilitate assessments by NITA, certifications and NCA accreditation of trained artisans; among any other relevant recognition by relevant bodies. construction.
  • Provide a training report and manual for the entire training exercise.


Habitat for Humanity Kenya has over the years faced several constraints in getting competent masons to work with for its construction project. These have tended to include their inability to offer good construction advise that would lead to better quality houses. In one of the projects that Habitat for Humanity Kenya implemented on mason training, research found out that masons lack general soft skills that would enable them support low income households on incremental construction or home improvements. They generally lack ethical practices and sometimes morals, professionalism in their occupation, time management, communication and entrepreneurial skills. These need to improve if scaling of Habitat Kenya’s activities have to be achieved.


HFHK seeks to contract a suitable institution to conduct artisanal training focusing on skill gaps identified through an assessment of the targeted group including information from other housing value chain players, technical institutions and construction employer’s within Nanyuki, which will inform the key areas for the competency curriculum for upskilling artisans. The skill training will offer short term courses (4-5 weeks) focusing skill gaps identified and may include; (plastering, bricklaying, flooring, which are complete employable skills areas). As a Market Development initiative, the curriculum is meant to catalyze potential linkages to successful employment, establish employer’s forum, shortlisting of qualified fundis on existing local fundi data and accreditation of qualified fundis.

The successful individuals or firm should be able to conduct the trainings as per the standard curriculum and methodologies for (semi) skilled artisan working in Nanyuki, Juakali and Naibor with emphasis to proximity to Nanyuki town.

HFHK shall manage all the logistics for the participants, materials and other supports required for the training. Interested individuals or firms should be able to facilitate the trainings in the specified area. In addition, the successful individuals or firm should provide the training schedule, module training budget details and any other requirement for the trainings, conduct pre and post training assessment and submit report on the trainings completed. The provider should ensure that the end result is certification and registration of the trained artisans with the relevant authority.


All the trainer’s/resource persons proposed for the assignment should possess the following:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in construction, Building or civil engineering, technical training, received ToT of Artisans Training or Training for Instructors (TFI) Course or other relevant qualifications.
  2. At least 5 years’ Experience in facilitating technical trainings.
  3. Proof of Previous artisanal and certification of artisans an added advantage
  4. The institution is duly approved to conduct and facilitate certification of artisans
  5. The trainer must be registered with existing regulatory bodies e.g. TVETA
  6. Interested individuals or firms should provide both technical and financial proposal for undertaking and conducting artisan training as per NCA guidelines.

Estimated Cost of the Trainers

(Please provide the cost as a total package for conducting the artisanal training as described in the scope section.

The proposed budget should be valid for a minimum of 90 days.


The projected time for the training should run from December to January 2022 which therefore requires the institution to develop a proposed appropriate schedule based on the training requirement and schedule. The consultant is free to plan the training events to make it most price competitive.


Interested individuals or firms are requested to submit a proposal that includes their;

  • Company registration certificate
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Detailed technical proposal describing the experiences and expertise of the individuals or firm, methodology and timeframe.
  • Detailed financial proposal clearly stating all the applicable costs for conducting the training.

How to apply

The application is open to individual consultants or firms. Applicants must provide:

  1. A proposal clearly showing the following deliverables:
    1. Approach and methodology for meeting the objectives of this assignment
    2. Number of days it would take to complete this assignment
    3. Detailed work-plan based on the scope of the Consultancy and methodology
    4. Financial proposition showing all the expenses, inclusive of 5% withholding Tax
  2. A detailed CV and professional background relevant to the assignment
  3. Firms are required to provide their company profile

Applications should be submitted to:

Email: [email protected]

Deadline: 30th November 2022.

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