1.0 The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

AECF is a development finance institution leading the holistic transformation of rural communities in Africa. We seek to alleviate poverty in the continent by unlocking the power of the private sector working in agri-business, renewable energy and gender to impact rural and marginalized communities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

AECF was launched in 2008 at the World Economic Forum Africa as an initiative of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to respond to the need for an Africa-based impact fund that would support inclusive African businesses, particularly in the areas of finance and agriculture. With the vision to build ‘’A prosperous and Enterprising Rural Africa’’, AECF provides high-risk, small and growing businesses with patient, low-cost financing and advisory support services to pilot, refine and scale their operations and ideas.

The fund has mobilized US$356 million to date along with US$658 million in matching capital from the private sector, supporting 268 companies across 26 Sub-Saharan countries, in more than 40 value chains in agribusiness and renewable energy. AECF is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

2.0 The Purpose and Objective of the assignment

Focusing on AECF’s commitment to supporting early and growth-stage businesses, we seek to increasingly provide value beyond financing to such companies. Technical Assistance (TA) and Business Development Support (BDS) to funded companies are targeted at accelerating business growth and sustainability, cross-learning and impact delivery. To date, AECF has provided technical assistance (TA) and business development support (BDS) to over 60 companies in its agribusiness, renewable energy and climate change portfolio in eight countries. TA & BDS needs have mainly been in areas of strategy/business models, financial management, operations, impact modelling, marketing and investment readiness amongst others.

The objective of the assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of advisory support provided to AECF’s investees since inception and inform improvements in the TA delivery strategy and policy. The improved strategy is envisaged to contribute to enhanced delivery aligned to:

i. Accelerating business performance and impact delivery

ii. Reducing the risk of investing in small and growing businesses (SGBs) in Sub Saharan Africa.

iii. Strengthening the capacity of SMEs in fragile and transitioning markets to thrive.

iv. Supporting women, youth and locally owned/managed businesses to grow and access appropriate financing to scale.

v. Enhance the capacity of entrepreneurs to grow in their business management and leadership.

vi. Entrench value for money considerations in the delivery of technical assistance and business development support.

3.0 Scope of Work

Reporting to AECF’s Program Manager – Investments Advisory Services, the Consultant (individual or firm) is expected to:

a) Analyse all data and tools provided or sourced using a rigorous and transparent analysis framework to draw insights and recommendations for strategic positioning and delivery.

b) Assess the effectiveness of TA and BDS service delivery to investees against the intended objectives of the respective TA, and the bigger envisaged impact of i) Accelerated business performance and ii) increased impact delivery and iii) increased attractiveness to additional financiers iv) increased value for money.

c) Facilitate critical reflection by AECF and investees on AECF’s TA & BDS approach, with clarity of what worked and what should be improved including all tools being used

d) Conduct internal and external analysis, resulting in clear benchmarking and positioning of AECF’s TA and business development services delivery in the Business Advisory Services Ecosystem.

e) Map potential strategic partners for TA delivery (indicating their experience and capabilities), and criteria for partner selection and engagement going forward.

f) Conduct an inception workshop with AECF staff, interviews with selected AECF investees and staff, facilitate a moderation workshop with AECF staff to agree on findings and recommendations.

4.0 Outputs and Reporting Requirements

a) Task Inception Report.

b) Assessment Report on the effectiveness of technical assistance delivery, with recommendations for improvement.

c) Refined Capacity Assessment and Evaluation Tool(s)

d) Report on recommended strategic approach to technical assistance delivery that will accelerate business performance, competitiveness and impact delivery, value for money for AECF. It will cover, but not limited to;

i) Strategic priorities for AECF’s Technical Assistance and Business Development support to investee companies

ii) Most effective delivery mechanisms for business and impact growth

iii) A theory of change for TA & BDS services

iv) Potential strategic partners for technical assistance and business development support delivery and criteria for partner selection and engagement.

v) Approach to sourcing, engaging and monitoring performance of TA service providers (suppliers to AECF) as well as how TA and BDS contribute to AECF overall strategy.

vi) Approach and tools for continuous monitoring and evaluation of TA delivery and effectiveness

5.0 Duration of Service

The duration of the service will be 50 consultancy days spread over 3 months. This service is expected to commence on 20th August 2020.

6.0 Qualifications

• At least 10 years’ experience in assessing the effectiveness of TA delivery and business development support for SMEs, including hands-on experience in monitoring TA delivery in the Agribusiness and Renewable Energy sectors in Sub Saharan Africa.

• Experience in participatory approaches in conducting assessments and facilitating strategic planning processes.

• Experience in delivery and management/monitoring of TA facilities for organisations supporting the Private Sector, preferably in Agribusiness and Renewable Energy.

7.0 Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used for the evaluation:

Key Areas for Evaluation/ Assessment

Weighted Award

a) Technical Proposal:80


I) An understanding of the consultancy requirements: Demonstrate understanding of the assignment -5

ii) Approach and methodology for executing the assignment. -20

iii) Clear work-plan for performing the assignment: Demonstrate the capacity to deliver the task(s) within a realistic timeline, based on the consultancy days designated per task.**-10

iv) Relevant services undertaken by the bidder in the past engagements: Demonstrate relevant experience and quality of the team.-20

v) Detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments:

· Letters of reference from past customers or associates to the lead consultant or the consulting organization. -10

· Registration and other relevant statutory documents (apply to institutional consultants). -5

· Demonstrated ability to deliver the assignment virtually-10

b) Financial Proposal: Clarity, relevance, reality to market value/ value for money of cost for the assignment (inclusive of any applicable tax).-20

Note: The AECF is obliged by the Kenyan tax authorities to withhold taxes on service contract fees as well as ensure VAT, is charged where applicable. Applicants are advised to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their tax position with regards to provisions of Kenya tax legislation when developing their proposals.

8.0 Proposal Submission

Qualified consultants (individual or institutional consultants) are invited to submit the proposal that includes the following:

a) Detailed qualification and experience of the individual/institution.

b) Approach and methodology to undertake this assignment.

c) Previous experience in similar assignment(s), including reference letters and Team experience/qualifications.

d) Detailed financial budget (in USD) and work plan.

e) Technical and Financial proposals will need to be submitted as separate documents.

9.0 Disclaimer

AECF reserves the right to determine the structure of the process, number of short-listed participants, the right to withdraw from the proposal process, the right to change this timetable at any time without notice and reserves the right to withdraw this tender at any time, without prior notice and without liability to compensate and/or reimburse any party.

How to apply

To be considered, your proposal reference *“Evaluate Effectiveness of Technical Assistance Delivery to AECF Investee companies” must be addressed to *[email protected] and received by **Wednesday, 8th July 2020 5:00 PM EAT.

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