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CONSULTANT – Market Assessment: Digital Employment Opportunities for Refugees

WUSC – World University Service of Canada – is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development, committed to providing education, economic opportunities and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world. WUSC is currently exploring the impact investing sector as an enabler to contribute to its global goals. As such, we seek to better understand the market dynamics and key actors already engaged in the sectors and regions where we are most likely to add value.

WUSC is seeking a consultant to undertake a market assessment of digital employment opportunities which might potentially be available to refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana, Kenya.

The following should inform the assignment:

  1. This market assessment must take into considerations the particular life circumstances and regulatory environment faced by refugees;

  2. The assessment should investigate the viability of commercially sustainable opportunities in digital employment for refugees, including identifying the market actors best positioned to offer these opportunities;

  3. The assessment should identify similar activities undertaken by private, public or civil society actors and, as possible, provide learnings from these existing activities (i.e. Norwegian Refugee Council).

General Duties

The consultant will carry out a market assessment, and produce a report outlining the current state of the market in terms of access to digital employment opportunities for refugees, including recommendations to WUSC on approaches to broaden the opportunity for refugees.

The report (and presentation) should address the following:

  1. Review of existing online work initiatives for refugees, in Kenya and globally (primarily literature review, should include some interviews);
  2. Identification of opportunities and constraints for refugees in Kakuma camp to access digital employment;
  3. An assessment of the current range of actors who might play a role providing access to online work in Kakuma. This should include, but are not limited to, providers of electricity, internet, computer hardware, digital training, linkages to online employers or work packages, and financial service providers who could facilitate payments by employers to refugees.
  4. Recommendations for how WUSC might invest to further develop the market for digital work in Kakuma, along with cost analysis of these investments.


The consultant will be expected to produce the following:

  1. A short, detailed report outlining findings and recommendations;
  2. A slide deck version of the report for presentation and dissemination.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should apply to WUSC by May 25th, 2018. Candidates should send a CV and a one-pager cover letter which details: 1) why they are an ideal candidate; 2) how they would approach the assignment; and 3) their daily rate.

Applications should be sent to jobs@wusc.ca with the subject line “Digital Opportunities consultant – East Africa.” WUSC is an equal opportunity employer. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls please.

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