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Consultants Request for Revision of Kenya Immunization Policy and Development of Immunization Strategic Plan


Immunization in Kenya remains one of the main public health intervention to control diseases. Immunization has contributed to the reduction in childhood deaths and advanced progress towards attainment of elimination of vaccine preventable diseases.

The policy and strategic guidance remains pivotal to guide the governance and operations of the programme. Kenya has an immunization policy developed in 2013 and a comprehensive multi-year plan for immunization (cMYP) for the period 2014-2019. The term of the cMYP has elapsed whereas there significant changes in the immunization arena that necessitate revision of the current immunization policy. Going forward, Kenya immunization programme has decided to rename the cMYP as the Immunization Strategic Plan. Hence, any reference to immunization strategic plan will be understood to mean cMYP.

Rationale for the Immunization Policy and Immunization Strategic Plan

The Immunization Policy will provide policy direction and guide the immunization programme whereas; the Strategic Plan will articulate strategies and activities to attain universal access to immunization to all eligible population in Kenya. Universal immunization is an aspiration that is technically and programmatically feasible, building upon the gains, experiences and lessons learnt in the past decade. The strategic plan will be informed by the lessons learnt and will aim to attain sustainability. WHO is supporting Kenya Immunization Program to develop its Immunization Policy and Strategic Plan. WHO is seeking two consultants who will work together with Kenya Immunization programme to develop the Kenya Immunization policy and strategic plan.

Tasks of the consultant

  1. To map all relevant stakeholders

  2. To coordinate with the Ministry Health and other relevant partners during the development of the immunization policy and strategic plan

  3. To convene all partners to improve existing drafts and finalize the immunization policy and strategic plan

  4. To consult with National immunization and vaccines programme (NVIP) and Division of Disease Surveillance and Response (DDSR) to develop appropriate data collection tools

  5. To carry out literature and desk review

  6. To collect relevant data and materials

  7. To conduct situational analysis of current immunization landscape in Kenya.

  8. To review the existing/current draft documents: the draft immunization strategic plan, the 2013 immunization policy

  9. To interview any relevant stakeholders on specific items

  10. To do costing of Immunization Strategic Plan

  11. To revise the immunization policy to incorporate new developments and finalize drafting of immunization strategic plan in conjunction with NVIP, DDSR and immunization partners

  12. To coordinate and facilitate convening of a stakeholder’s forum to validate the draft documents

  13. To present the two documents to the stakeholder’s forum and revise the draft informed by the inputs from the stakeholders

  14. To finalize and edit the immunization policy and Immunization strategic plan

Expected outputs/Deliverable

  1. Interim output

a. Inception report with plan of delivery of the final products

b. Powerpoint presentations, situational analysis matrices etc

  1. Final deliverables

a. Kenya Immunization policy

b. Costed Kenya Immunization Strategic Plan

c. Populated costing tool


Academic qualification:

Two consultants or a consultancy firm with consultants that have a first University degree in medicine or other health sciences with a Masters degree in public Health or epidemiology or health economics or health financing.



Five years or more experience and expertise in development of health policies, strategic plans, business plans.


 Two Consultants or consultancy firm with at least 5 years’ experience in the field of immunization and surveillance.

 Experience in carrying out costing of plans.

 Previous work experience in the public health sector will be an added advantage.

 Advanced use of Excel or other data bases

 Good writing skills(Evidence of reports and publications)

Language: Good command of English, written & spoken

Skills: Good interpersonal skills, presentation skills, demonstrate ability to work under pressure


The development of the two documents will be carried out for a period of not more than 8 weeks. The immunization policy and strategic plan will be developed and submitted to the client within two weeks after the end of the contract. Proposed consultancy period 03 August 2020 to 25 September 2020.

Administrative arrangements

The consultants will work and collaborate on a day-to-day basis with NVIP, DDSR and MOH planning division. Further, the consultants will engage multiple immunization stakeholders in the drafting process. The consultant will enter into contractual agreement with World Health Organization (WHO) Kenya country office and will report to WHO FRH Cluster Lead and WHO Country Representative for both technical and administrative requirements or its delegated authority.

Payment Schedule

Delieverable Percent

Signing of contract 50%

Interim Immunization policy & strategic plan 25%

Finalized immunization policy & strategic plan 25%

How to apply

Qualified candidates should submit a Cover Letter and a Curriculum Vitae based on the TORs on or before 15 July 2020 using the email address; [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]. Please quote the title of the consultancy on the subject while applying for this position.

Application is open only to the Kenyan Nationals.

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