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Coordinator Of Strategic Positions & Pool Manager at Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Médecins sans frontières (MSF) or Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization (NGO) and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, best known for its projects in war-torn regions and developing countries facing endemic diseases.


The current JD is compiling two different responsibilities:

  • Assuming the supervision of the matchings and the development of experienced profiles towards strategic positions.
  • Assuming the Profile management of one strategic pool (MedCo, LogCo…), depending on the profile of the person chosen.

The Coordinator of Strategic Positions is hierarchically accountable to the Head of Recruitment, Development and Pool Manager and aims at contributing to guaranteeing the presence in the MSF OCBA projects necessary professionals based on quality and quantity needs in the short, mid and long term. This will be achieved by managing a pool of professionals matching the Organisation’s requirements.

The position is placed within the HR Department including the Management and Assistant to the Department and 5 units: Policy Making; HR Management Unit; Recruitment, Development and Pool Management; Training; and Administration of Persons.

The Recruitment, Development and Pool Management Unit is made up of a team of Profile Managers and one Recruitment unit.


The coordinator should have the global view in terms of HR International Staff capacities and needs and establish the most adequate assignment of resources to support the coverage of the Strategic Positions in the organisation while ensuring the development of the International Staff to guarantee the future coverage.

The positions considered as Strategic should be aligned with the operational strategies and needs and will ensure Coordinators for regular and ER missions, including HICs, complex missions and in general missions with high risk of gap.

Coordinate the follow up and coverage of the Strategic Positions

Coordinate the Pool Managers involved in the Follow up of the Strategic Positions (HoM, LogCo, MedCo, HRCo, FinCo, FC & PMR):

  • Lead the monthly meetings together with the Pool Managers concerned to ensure the coverage and a proper balance of the possible assignments in Coordination positions and offer a general view of the coordination positions coverage.
  • Lead Bimonthly meetings with the cells for an operational update and to provide a mid-long-term HR perspective of the coverage of the Strategic Positions.

Detect Talent and support development towards Strategic Positions

  • Together with the other Pool Managers, detect talent within the FC, PMR and Vocationer pools and support development towards Strategic Positions.
  • Enhance DEI with in the coordination pools.
  • Define ad hoc career paths (specific trainings and assignments) to facilitate the development together with the Pool Managers.
  • Deploy a specific Follow up for Strategic Positions with the corresponding Pool Managers and other actors if needed (Recruitment, Technical Departments, other Partner Sections, etc).
  • Follow up with the Pool Managers and the Coordinator of Field Positions, the definition of targets for new coordinators and the evolution of the people growing towards this coordination positions.
  • Support the implementation of new projects linked with the development and retention of senior international staff as the Tandem System, Mentoring programme…

Main Responsibilities And Tasks As Profile Manager

Development of his/her Pool based on Operational Needs

The Profile Manager is the professional in charge of developing a pool of International Staff (and National Staff holding field coordination positions) aligned with the Operations needs in MSF-OCBA.

  • Ensure the availability in the Organisation of people having profiles matching operational needs, ready to be deployed in the field, while coordinating with Operation department to know and anticipate needs.
  • Design and implement strategies to build the HR capacity needed for short, medium and long term.
  • Ensure the quantitative and qualitative follow-up of his/her pool and analyse it accordingly in order to anticipate future recruitment, selection and development needs.
  • S/he will be responsible for designing and applying the retention strategies and policies defined in the unit and the HR department and measure the results according to the indicators set.
  • Guarantee the follow-up and development of International Staff (and National Staff holding field coordination positions) within the Organisation with future insight in terms future missions based on Operational needs.
  • Identify transversal development needs of the pool based on current gaps of capacities or foreseen future needs in Operations.
  • Ensure proper link and synergies with the operations department to ensure the development of specific strategies for FCs induction & development.

HR Development and Career Management

The Profile Manager is the reference person for the International Staff (and National Staff holding field coordination positions) in terms of Development and Career Management of our HR in MSF-OCBA.

  • Follow up together with the HR reference officers in the Operational Cells (REHUCOs) that International Staff (and National Staff holding field coordination positions) receive the evaluations & upward feedbacks required.
  • Identify the development needs of each person of the pool in terms of competencies, languages and technical skills coming from evaluations and regular feedback from cells.
  • Support each person of the pool to assimilate the improvement areas detected and define plans together with the people in the pool to improve these areas and to reinforce their strengths.
  • Follow and be in contact with each person of his/her pool and support their professional development, orienting their career path within the Organisation based on the individual interests and the organizational needs.
  • Support and revise the trainings offered by the Learning Unit to check if they correspond to the needs of the pool and operations.
  • Ensure people in the pool are aware of the individual support offer like mentoring or coaching.
  • Invest development efforts based on the commitment to MSF, performance and potential/interest in critical positions of each person of the pool, giving priority in terms of development to people under LongTerm Commitment packages.
  • Ensure proper communication with other Pool Managers to proper follow up people with potential in the career path, both people growing to FC and from FC to HoM.
  • Participate in the briefings to ensure the deployment is happening correctly.
  • Debrief the pool at the end of assignment, focusing on their future professional motivations and the reinforcement of their development challenges.


The Profile Manager is responsible for searching, identifying and appointing the people to fill field vacancies, seeing in turn to the development of a career path for the International Staff (and National Staff holding field coordination positions) throughout their professional life in the Organisation.

  • Based on the Annual Plan drawn up by the HR Management, propose candidate well in advance to the cells with proper presentation of the candidates and the reason behind the proposal.
  • Follow up the closed matching with the HR reference officers in the Operational Cells (REHUCOs), Staff Health Unit, Travel Unit and Administration so that departure to the mission can be accordingly organised.
  • Ensure communication / consulting with other profile managers about common positions in order to appoint the candidates best suiting the job requirements and ensuring a global team view of the balance in projects & coordination teams.
  • Guarantee that all the candidates pre-matched have access to the information about the position, project, living and working conditions.

Interaction with the Recruitment Unit

The Profile Manager is responsible for setting the priority needs for the Recruitment Unit in terms of recruitment and selection of International Staff for his/her pool well in advance so as to ensure enough HR having the qualifications, training and competencies needed to address operational needs.

Interaction with other OC’s and Partner Sections

  • Jointly with the Head of Unit, define, follow and ensure the achievement of in the HR agreement with Partner Sections.
  • Coordinate with the Pool Managers of the others OC’s, sharing needs, information and resources when needed and possible,
  • Coordinate with the Career Managers in the Partner Sections to increase the people from other Partner Sections engaged with OCBA operations. Collaborate with Career Managers in the follow up of the development needs and career management of these people.

Other tasks:

  • Participate in the department and unit planning as well as in defining and/or adjusting the MSF-OCBA HR policy.
  • Participate as a facilitator in training courses and workshops organised by MSF-OCBA if needed.
  • Participate in the implementation of outplacement policies for MSF-OCBA International Staff within the MSF Policy framework.
  • Keep information about availability and qualification of the candidates up to date on the SAP database.
  • Depending on team needs the position can also take care of some small pool, like HAOs at this moment

Education and experience

  • Experience as Pool Manager in coordination positions.
  • Field experience with MSF in various projects (any section) will be an asset.
  • Expertise in the use of basic HR management tool (job descriptions, evaluation tool, competency model, etc).
  • Good command of English and French. Spanish language desirable.
  • IT knowledge as a user (Microsoft Office setting).
  • Knowledge / experience in ERP/SAP systems will be a plus.


  • Commitment to MSF’s Principles
  • Cross-cultural Awareness
  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Strategic Vision
  • Results and Quality Orientation
  • Service Orientation
  • Initiative and Innovation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Communication skills


  • Positions based in any MSF-OCBA Hub (Barcelona, MSF-Spain office delegations, Buenos Aires, Amman, Dakar or Nairobi)
  • Temporary position for 13 months.
  • Full time job.
  • Annual gross salary: HQ-4B (12 monthly payments) plus secondary benefits based on MSF-OCBA Reward Policy.
  • Starting: End September 2021.

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