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Customer Care Job in Kenya


This is your invitation
to raise your bar and team up with the best creatives.

At Bunny Studio we
are looking for a highly motivated Customer Experience Associate to join our
customer operations team
 who will give their best to
always deliver memorable experiences to our customers and ensure they are 100%
satisfied with our services. You’ll work with a highly diverse and
multicultural remote team with a mission to “make it happen”, where passion and
fun are prized as much as hard work and creativity.

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio teams up
creatives around the world. Our team is transforming how creatives connect, by

  • Creating
    well-defined repeatable creative tasks, that speed up matching processes.

  • Allowing
    companies to build their own solutions by accessing our API for creative

  • Empowering
    creatives to build a portfolio that they can sell through different

  • Bringing
    AI to the matching process to increase efficiency for both our clients and

Our audio, video,
design, and text products are used by industry leaders and provide fast and
quality results, either through our web interface or our API.

  • Our
    team: We are 81 people. We come from different backgrounds. We are
    scientists, parents, designers, historians, engineers, writers,
    voice-overs, biologists, pet-lovers, and more. We are a remote-first team.
    We work from Brazil, Nigeria, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Colombia,
    Argentina, England, Uruguay, among other places. We do not have an office.

  • Our
    time: We’ve been in business for 9 years. We launched in February 2012.

  • Our
    clients: Over the years, we’ve partnered with more than 15,000 businesses,
    to help them scale their creative needs.

  • Investment:
    We are a bootstrapped business. We grow our investment capacity by
    bringing more value to our clients

What you can expect on a day-to-day basis

  • Promoting
    self-service by our customers to minimize their interactions with our
    Customer Experience team.

  • Acquiring
    a good understanding of our product to be able to:

  • Help
    our customers adapt and adopt solutions to ensure their needs are met.

  • Provide
    new insights and innovative suggestions for improvement to our Product

  • Dealing
    with many unknowns for our newest creative categories and helping the team
    document the newest learnings, workflows, processes to ensure the bus factor is kept high.

  • Managing
    difficult cases and dealing with frustrated and happy clients.

  • Working
    with high levels of independence, where we expect high levels of
    assertiveness from our team members.

Career opportunities

You will be expected to
remain in this role for 2 years. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain may
then enable you to perform any of the following roles, either at Bunny Studio
or somewhere else:

  • Bunny
    Pro Associate

  • Senior
    Customer Experience Associate

  • Sales
    Development Representative

  • Client
    Onboarding Associate

  • Key
    Account Manager

  • Head
    of Customer Experience


You are a great person
for the job if you:

  • Are
    based in the EMEA region.

  • Have
    a minimum of C1 English level (written and oral). Knowledge of other
    languages is a plus.

  • Have
    at least 1 year of previous work experience, not necessarily in this same

  • Are
    able to type with 10 fingers and are able to do it fast.

  • Have
    familiarity with web technology.

  • Are
    crazy about self-development.

  • Have
    high attention to detail, assuming that the Queen of England or the CEO of
    the company might read all your communications.

  • Are
    able and willing to work in a highly diverse and multicultural team where
    various religions, ideologies, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and
    nationalities work together.

  • Love
    managing difficult cases.

  • Respond
    creatively to unexpected circumstances by turning these into opportunities
    for learning and growth.

  • Don’t
    back away from unknowns, instead you approach them with curiosity and take
    charge to turn them into knowns.

  • Have
    a critical mindset, not settling with the status quo and always looking
    for ways on how existing processes can be done differently and propose
    options on how they could be optimized our automatized.

  • Have
    adaptability skills and you’re comfortable working in an accelerated


As a customer experience
associate, you’ll be the link between clients and talents on our platform,
paving the way to successfully completed projects.

Your main
responsibilities will be:

  • Ensure
    projects are completed within given time frames.

  • Ensure
    a high success rate for projects.

  • Ensure
    100% satisfaction in Customer Experience interactions with clients and
    talents – also known as Bunny Pros.

Team structure

You will report to
Christina Gómez, Head of Customer Experience, who is based in Bogotá, Colombia.
Moreover, you will work closely with the following teams: Customer Experience,
Pro Management, Quality Control, Marketing and Sales, Product, and Engineering.



Because we value candor,
your gross salary will be USD USD $15,943.53 per year.**

At Bunny Studio, we
strive for equity amongst all our team members. Therefore, our compensations
are determined per functional area and role. Hence, team members within the
same role and job level will earn the same. Before you apply, ensure that the
salary is within your income expectations.

How To Apply

Interested and
qualified? Go to 
BunnyStudio on
 to apply

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