Delivery Manager at CloudFactory

CloudFactory is changing the way the world works by providing an on-demand, digital workforce for scaling critical business processes in the cloud. We’re also on a mission to create meaningful work for as many people as possible.

The Role:

As a Delivery Manager with CloudFactory, you will be a strong leader, coaching and mentoring some extremely talented Delivery teams that are organized in Pods. Our Pods handle the delivery of data and AI services and act as the bridge between two sets of clients: customers, who are the source of the data work, and cloud workers, who get the processing work done. They guide the conversations between these two clients to make sure there is alignment across the board. As a Delivery Manager, you will be leading multiple self-managing teams that are responsible for the ongoing delivery and success of client engagements. You will be responsible for the success of your teams ensuring that they are fully equipped in terms of having the right resources, tools, and skills to best serve both sets of clients.

Your role as a Delivery Manager is firstly (but by no means only) a leadership role, you’ll be responsible to drive the team to meet the company and delivery goals, guide and motivate them through challenges and ensure that they have all the support they need to excel in their jobs. As we scale our business, you will be responsible to lead the implementation of policies and processes through the team, bring in insights and identify areas for continual improvement. You will share your service and delivery knowledge and skills, developing your team members to ensure that we exceed expectations for throughput and accuracy while working to help clients achieve their goals.

Along with developing and leading high-performance teams, you will be accountable for the success of a portfolio of accounts to ensure that all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and/or Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met and all Clients are highly satisfied with CloudFactory’s service and performance. This includes managing aspects such as scope, gross margin, revenue, growth strategies, cost schedules, and also applying techniques to enhance performance, planning, tracking, change management, and risk management.

In summary, you are responsible for both people leadership and service delivery management. Success in people leadership looks like supporting and serving your team to become the best they can be at CloudFactory, while success in service delivery looks like exceeding KPIs for each account you’re responsible for, thus maintaining a long term client relationship.

The Responsibilities

  • Understand client requirements and ensure delivery services are set up using recommended platforms, ensuring confidentiality at all times.
  • Project planning and resource allocation by providing internal and external stakeholders with transparent and attentive project management support covering throughput and quality management.
  • Drive continuous improvements and efficiencies.
  • Keep the team motivated and focused on the delivery services and moving toward reaching expected goals.
  • Manage and resolve issues as they arise and identify potential risks and create plans if they occur.
  • Analyze risks and plan around them in order to minimize or remove their impact.
  • Ensure proper implementation of Company policies and processes.
  • Have a thorough understanding of each client’s objectives and goals, ensuring all team members have the resources needed.
  • Communicate the progress of throughput, quality, and resourcing initiatives to all relevant internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coach and mentor the delivery teams to establish career growth paths and provide the necessary support to set the teams up for success.


The Fit:

This isn’t your typical management position. You thrive in a high-growth, dynamic, fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, which means things can change quickly (don’t say we didn’t warn you). This position requires a balance between people leadership and service delivery management – primarily coaching people to manage client services better so that we wow our clients and workers. So a customer-focused individual who is passionate about people and technology is the #1 quality we’re looking for.

You are a strong leader who loves building relationships, is passionate about people, and can manage through ups-and-downs. You can manage multiple large and high revenue accounts and/or scenarios simultaneously. Being close to the customers and the workers will require getting your hands dirty and working on delivery services with your team members from time-to-time, to identify the root cause of issues raised or just figure out how we can continually improve the service that we offer. At other times you need to be able to zoom out and show your team the bigger picture of why we do the things we do. You need to be able to understand the work we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Fitting in with us requires the ability to be flexible with working times as most of our clients are in the US, Australia, and Europe.

You are a great communicator. You have impeccable communication skills and are an excellent all-around communicator – verbal, written, and interpersonal. You’ve also got a high EQ (emotional intelligence). You’ll need to empathize with our customers and work cross-culturally with team members across the globe.

You are confident but humble. You’re adventurous, you do not refrain from experimentation. You’re data-driven. You are a natural problem solver who is skilled at investigating anomalies and driving them to resolution. You are resourceful. You take initiative and action when you see areas that can be improved or optimized. You are comfortable with being uncomfortable, especially when stepping up to say or do the honorable thing in tough situations.

Don’t worry if you don’t tick all the boxes. At CloudFactory, we’re very intentional about our culture, so above all, we’re looking for open-minded individuals to learn and grow together with.

The Skills

  • Strong organization and planning skills.
  • Have an analytical and critical mindset and strong attention to detail.
  • Strong team management, team building, and motivation skills for collaborating effectively with others.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Be able to work under tight deadlines and under pressure.
  • Manage multiple client engagements (multitask) and help coordinate team members to achieve objectives.
  • Facilitate communication and assist with operational and administrative duties.
  • Highly organized in both times and in resources.

The Experience

The experience required to work with us is at least 6+ years doing western-style client communication and experience in dealing with large projects. You have experience working with highly capable and driven individuals and have the drive and intellect to handle tough situations. Project Management, general management, and experience in a high-growth tech company are a plus. Technical experience, although not a must, would be another big plus. A hunger for learning about AI or courses related to AI – you guessed it – another plus.


  • Great Mission and Culture
  • Meaningful Work
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Market Competitive Salary
  • Health and Medical

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