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Deputy Program Manager | ReliefWeb

Key Responsibilities

· Assist the LWF Kenya-Djibouti-Somalia Program Manager or his/her designate in the overall coordination, management and support of all LWF projects in the Program

· Together with the Program Manager develop comprehensive and clear orientation, briefing and induction courses/programs for newly recruited staff and/or existing staff employed in a new capacity within the program

· Provide guidance to project staff in the design and execution of needs assessments, baseline surveys, community consultations and prioritization exercises

· Initiate the development of concept notes and writing of project proposals for new projects that meet LWF quality standards and conform to donor guidelines and formats

· Guide project staff in the writing of project log frames, development of M&E plans/frameworks, work plans, working budgets and procurement plans for each grant

· Ensure project proposals incorporate important LWF and donor guidelines e.g. Country Strategy, approaches, standards, principles and values

· Oversee the implementation of existing systems and mechanisms including being the focal person for the LWF Global monitoring system NEWDEA

· Provide leadership in the development and implementation of the country program strategy (including a fund raising strategy), through participation in planned meetings, evaluations and events as well as sourcing of relevant information and liaison with other players / stakeholders

· Planning and establishment of any new project interventions, both emergency and development activities, and to ensure that these proposals are established within the LWF (and ACT where appropriate) guidelines and the program’s strategic plan

· Ensure that project proposals, reports and other documentation relating to program matters are developed, finalized and submitted in accordance with donor requirements/formats and within the relevant time frame, and in accordance with LWF policy and guidelines

· Fulfil the highest programmatic, administrative, quality and accountability standards through adopting and implementing the LWF policies and guidelines such as the Rights Based Empowerment as well as adhering to the Code of Conduct and other quality assurance guidelines to which LWF is a signatory (e.g. CHS)

· Maintain a coordinated and effective working relationship with identified partners, Area Managers, Program Coordinators and program level Sector Managers (i.e. Finance, Logistics, Personnel and Administration)

· Participate in the relevant fora, meetings, UN Clusters, UNHCR Planning meetings and networks (in country) with relevant active partners to discuss and take action on program matters (planning, coordination, implementation, training, M&E, liaison)

· Liaise with government, UNHCR, NGOs, implementing partners, related agencies, member churches and other agencies regarding program activities to ensure effective planning and coordination

· Primary point of contact for program issues for project managers, other NGOs, related partners/agencies and donors

· Regular field trips to monitor, follow up and discuss important program matters with the project management teams and to report back to the Country Management Team in the country office

· Participate in planning and facilitation of training and capacity development of program staff

· Participate in organizing planned inter-projects and external M&E events, including preparation of TOR’s for consultants and review teams

· Document lessons learned, best practices, success stories, most significant changes, case studies and other useful changes during project implementation

· Assume such other responsibilities as may be assigned to him/her by the Program Manager

Qualifications, Experience and Competencies

  • University degree in Social Sciences or related discipline
  • Knowledge of church structures and experience with related agencies, ecumenical partners, other NGOs and UNHCR
  • Several years of experience in complex on site emergency response projects and/or programs requiring extensive judgment and interpretation
  • Diverse geographical professional experience preferred
  • Exhibiting the generic employee skills especially valued by the organization: Dependability and productivity, Communication, Problem solving, Teamwork, Safety and Security, Accountability and Integrity
  • High level of motivation, integrity, commitment and professional responsibility
  • Ability to tolerate cultural, educational and religious diversity in the work place
  • Excellent communication, organization and presentation skills
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