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Job description

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is an international not-for-profit organization designed to facilitate and promote public/private partnerships for the access and delivery of royalty-free proprietary technologies that meet the needs of resource-poor smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Through its catalytic and facilitative role, AATF acts as the neutral intermediary and responsible party between owners and/or holders of proprietary technologies and those that need them to promote food security and enhance livelihoods for smallholder farmers in SSA. AATF was incorporated in the UK in January 2003, in Kenya on April 2003 (Headquarters) and in Nigeria in October 2009. It was also registered as a charity under the laws of England and Wales in January 2005.

AATF intends to run a 7-month digital campaign with the aim of educating its stakeholders and audiences on the institution’s intervention priorities and approach. It is envisaged that by the end of the campaign, AATF will be positioned amongst thought leaders in various themes in Agriculture.


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