Director of Third Party Monitoring -Somalia at Forcier Consulting

Forcier’s mission is to build the capacity of national researchers while delivering high quality research in the most logistically challenging and complex settings in Africa. We currently have offices in South Sudan, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia, and field staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. On 9 July 2011, South Sudan became the world’s youngest country after decades of civil war that devastated the country’s physical infrastructure and human capital. Against this backdrop, a large number of UN Agencies and NGOs have entered South Sudan to deliver humanitarian, relief and development services whilst private sector investors and businessmen attempt to supply goods, services and other commodities to citizens.

Forcier Consulting is seeking a Director of Third Party Monitoring (TPM) for a five-year project that will provide support for monitoring, evaluation, and program-related services around three primary technical areas in Somalia: (1) democracy, governance, and stabilization; (2) education; and (3) economic growth. Core technical services under the project will include evaluation, monitoring, verification, and reporting (MV&R), data quality assessments (DQAs), and performance management, and data management.

The Director of TPM will be a full time position based in Nairobi, Kenya, with travel as needed to Somalia. The Director of TPM will oversee the design and implementation of core monitoring, verification, and reporting technical services and will work closely with other members of senior management to ensure learning is incorporated into the mission’s performance and M&E plans. The Director of TPM will be responsible for the design and implementation of MV&R activities in Somalia, including the design of methodologies and sampling, development of data collection tools and protocols, collection of quantitative and qualitative data, and analysis of and report writing on TPM data. The Director of TPM should have experience simultaneously managing multiple projects and should possess the skills necessary to liaise with implementing partners and manage other technical team members and on-the-ground subcontracting partners.

This position is contingent upon award.


  • Review and refine existing MV&R tools, methods, and approaches.
  • Train and oversee Kenyan-based technical staff and field-based staff on implementation of MV&R activities, including tool programming, data collection, quality assurance and control, analysis, and report writing.
  • Ensure finance, administration, procurement, and other critical operational functions are established and followed by the MV&R team.
  • Oversee site selection, logistics, and partner engagement on MV&R visits
  • Oversee the analysis and presentation of MV&R findings to USAID in a way that maximizes their utility for USAID and implementing partners.
  • Establish and maintain quality assurance and control systems/procedures for all MV&R data to ensure data collected and reported meets USAID’s data quality standards.
  • Manage other short-term assignments related to MV&R as needed.
  • Oversee adherence of security protocols for field visits.


  • Minimum 5-6 years of international development and program experience, with substantive work in design, management, and implementation of MV&R, data analysis, and report writing
  • Advanced university degree in relevant subject areas, preferably International Development and/or Development Management with a desired emphasis in M&E
  • Minimum 2 years of prior experience working in Somalia.
  • Substantial technical experience in MV&R for international development projects (preferably for USAID or another donor) and management of staff in implementing monitoring approaches
  • Superb data analysis skills, including command of statistics, sampling methodologies, and statistical analysis software (STATA preferred)
  • Ability to produce high-quality technical reports and oversee teams in the production of technical deliverables.
  • Experience facilitating learning based on MV&R findings among USAID staff, IPs and other stakeholders.
  • Language skills in Somali will be considered an asset
  • Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the political, developmental, and economic context in Somalia.
  • Fluent English writing and verbal communication skills.

Kenyan citizens are highly encouraged to apply

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