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Director Software Quality Assurance at BSK Global Tech

BSK Global is a Technology Company providing industry-leading solutions across various industries around the globe. BSK Global was established to harness this broad expertise and concentrate in providing relevant and compelling propositions namely classical I.T, disruptive innovations and financial technology solutions.

We pride ourselves as a highly customer-centric and agile solutions provider, extremely attentive to customer needs, and highly committed to solving the problems in the communities which we operate.

Job Summary

The Software Director in the Technology Department will be expected to manage a team of developers and IT specialists both internal and external, the SD will work closely with the CTO and other members of the Senior Leadership Management Team in order to deliver software that meets user needs and that is in keeping with our organizational goals and objectives. The SD will be accountable for the creation and delivery of the software vision and leadership and all aspects of the development of software

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