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Driver at Water Services Regulatory Board

The Water Services Regulatory Board (Wasreb) is a regulatory state corporation established by the Water Act 2002, this law was repealed by the Water 2016 operationalized in April 2017. Section 70 (1) of the Water Act 2016 established Wasreb with the main objective to protect the interests and rights of consumers in the provision of water services, while ensuring other stake-holders interests are also safeguarded.

Job Purpose

Responsible for transporting Boards’ staff and maintaining vehicles in good working condition.

Reporting Relationship This role reports to the Administrative Officer


Job Specification

The duties and responsibilities of the Officer will entail:

  1. Driving the Board vehicle as authorized;
  2. Carrying out minor mechanical adjustments;
  3. Recognizing and reporting mechanical defaults of the vehicles;
  4. Ensuring the security and safety of the vehicle on and off the road;
  5. Monitoring and reporting expiry of insurance policies for motor vehicles;
  6. Preparing and submitting reports on transport when the need arises; and
  7. Ensuring the safety of passengers and goods therein.
  8. Ensuring renewal of insurance licenses for all motor vehicles;
  9. Maintaining cleanliness of the vehicle;
  10. Keeping up to date work tickets for vehicles;
  11. Cleaning of the assigned motor vehicle;
  12. Submitting regular reports on motor vehicle assigned;
  13. Reporting any mechanical/accident problems; and
  14. Ensuring proper mechanical working condition of the vehicle.

Person Specification

For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

  1. At least a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education D+ (Plus)
  2. Served in the grade of Driver for at least four (4) years;
  3. The Occupational Trade Test II Certificate;
  4. Valid driving license free from any current endorsements(s) for classes of the vehicles the driver is required to drive;
  5. Certificate of Good Conduct (renewable after two (2) years);
  6. First Aid Certificate course lasting not less than one (1) week from St.Johns Ambulance or any other recognized institution; and
  7. An accident-free driving period of 3 years.

Key Competencies and Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Working with people;
  3. Time management;
  4. Focus on Service delivery
  5. Commitment to continuous learning
  6. Defensive driving
  7. Meets requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution

Terms and Conditions of Service:

All the positions will be on pensionable terms of service.

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