Early Years Foundation Stage Classes at St Christopher’s Schools

In 1965 Mrs. Leah Ngini, the founder of St. Christopher Schools bought ten acres of land in Karen, an area no African was allowed to own. In 1984 the Ngini’s bought St. Christopher’s Kindergarten as an outgoing concern in rented premises. Mrs.Ngini was among the first Kenyans to buy a Kindergarten owned and run exclusively by expatriates of European origin. In 1985 Mrs. Ngini started running the Kindergarten as the “Headmistress.” From 1980 to 1989, the Ngini’s bought a plot of land in Kilimani with the intention to build a new Preparatory School. The School was opened near Yaya Centre and both British System and Kenyan Systems of education were taught. The Kindergarten was then moved from the rented accommodation to the new Preparatory school in Kilimani. From 1990 to 1992 the Ngini’s built St. Christopher’s Secondary School in Karen, a leafy suburb of Nairobi on the land bought in 1965.

Job Description/Requirements

St Christopher’s Schools

Required for August 2021

Applicants must have teaching qualification and experience of the British National Curriculum preferred. Candidates offering sports team coaching, Btec Sport / Business / IT teaching experience and/or innovative extra-curricular activities will have a distinct advantage.

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