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Employment as a Research Assistant

Employment as a Research Assistant

Posted: Dec 16, 2016

Research Assistant Jobs in Kenya 2016

The Research Assistant will be part of Samuel Hall’s Migration and Displacement Pillar and based in the Nairobi office. Research Assistants (RAs) conduct integral components of research projects, including desk reviews, key informant interviews, and extensive fieldwork with implementers and beneficiaries to collect data and analyse results. There is a strong potential for in-country (Kenya) and regional travel in East Africa, as well as engagement with practitioners and academics working on migration and displacement worldwide.

Samuel Hall is an independent think tank specialised in field research and social impact. We provide practicable insights to challenging issues in the developing world by providing academic-standard research through primary data collection in areas where researchers do not commonly go. Samuel Hall works with governments, donors, multilateral organisations and INGOs, as well public and private sector entities. We have worked with more than sixty-five organisations worldwide since 2009 through our offices in Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia covering Asia and Africa.

At the Migration and Displacement Pillar, we produce knowledge and data on population movements in and out of countries of origin, transit and destination. Using quantitative and qualitative, participatory research with migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons, we build evidence on their social environment, protection, livelihoods, contributions and aspirations. We use this evidence to deliver trainings and capacity building to actors shaping the lives of migrants, and to design programmes and policies that adhere to international frameworks. Our approach is inductive and contextually relevant. We are known for our expertise and seek researchers with expertise in:

We are a rapidly growing research organisation: you will be expected to growth with us and carve out your own spot in the team. We look for pro-active, creative individuals who can identify opportunities to make their mark, and identify solutions to problems. We believe in hiring people who can show their ability to be both strong leaders and reliable followers, who have skills that our team currently lacks and who join us to add value from the very start. We hire people who can expand our knowledge, and help us reach our social impact objective in their field of expertise.

Responsibilities for the Research Assistant Job

  • Support Project Managers on one or more research projects
  • Conduct secondary research and literature reviews
  • Assist in tool creation
  • Conduct basic and advanced data analysis on SPSS, Stata or Excel
  • Conduct qualitative interviews and data analysis
  • Write draft report sections
  • Cover various topics and themes related to migration and displacement, including migration and development, diasporas engagement for development, return and reintegration, and durable solutions, smuggling and trafficking,

Research Assistant Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Experience studying and working in migration and displacement- related domains
  • Excellent spoken and written skills in English
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Ability to being patient and to work well within a team
  • Ability to cope well under pressure, work occasionally irregular hours and meet tight deadlines

 How to Apply

All applicants should send their full application, all as separate PDF files, clearly labelled to:[email protected] Full application entails:

  • Subject Line: “Name of Applicant – Research Assistant Migration Pillar”
  • CV. Labelled “CV – Name of Applicant”
  • Cover Letter outlining how academic background and interest fits the job description. Labelled “CL – Name of Applicant”
  • Three writing samples of relevant work, preferably academic standards. Labelled “Writing Sample 1 – Name of Applicant”, …

Samuel Hall is an equal opportunities employer. Applications who do not follow the required format will not be considered. Only selected applicants will be notified, within two weeks after closure of the vacancy announcement.

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