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Executive Director – Amref/SPARC/Exec Director/2019/04-03

SPARC Executive Director’s Job Summary

The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the overall leadership and management of SPARC and all aspects of its operations in sub-Saharan Africa. This involves the strategic oversight and execution of: 1) Strategy development, 2) Program planning, implementation and innovation, 3) Partnerships development, 4) Advocacy, 5) Financial Oversight, and 6) Risk Management.

Job Purpose

The Executive Director is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, and quality implementation of SPARC activities according to the terms set-out in the Grant Agreement between Results for Development and Amref Health Africa.

Job Responsibilities:

Strategic Direction and Leadership

· Identify, assess, and inform Results for Development and Amref Health Africa about trends and opportunities for strategic health purchasing in Africa.

· Work with Results for Development and Amref Health Africa to set the strategic direction for SPARC.

· Review the strategy constructively and openly to contribute to the effective decision making.

· Provide progressive, visionary leadership for SPARC in line with identified needs.

· Undertake activities that enhance SPARC’s profile.

Operational Planning and Oversight

· Ensure that work-plans are developed and implemented that further the achievement of SPARC strategies.

· Ensure the development of activities that contribute to the sustainability (financial, approach, impact etc.) of SPARC.

· Lead identification of country demand for strategic health purchasing support, engagement with country stakeholders, and the design and implementation of packages of support based on identified demand.

· Oversee the development of a pipeline of coaches and mentors to provide coaching and mentoring support in strategic health purchasing to countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

· Oversee the development of strategic purchasing knowledge products and their effective dissemination.

· Ensure that operations of SPARC meet the expectation of funders.

· Monitor delivery of the programs and services for quality improvement.

· Ensure timely submission of grant deliverables including workplans, progress and financial reports.

Partnerships Development

· Establish and maintain relations with governments, ministries of health, health purchasing institutions, research and policy institutions across sub-Saharan Africa to facilitate collaboration on strategic health purchasing.

· Develop and sustain partnerships with international, regional and local technical partners to enhance programme development and service delivery.

Human Resources Planning and Management

· Determine staffing requirements for organizational management and service delivery.

· Ensure that skills and experience of SPARC staff are consistent with its business needs for providing quality in present and future services

· Implement a performance management process which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting annual performance reviews.

· Coach and mentor staff as appropriate to improve performance.

Financial Planning and Management

· Oversee budgeting and financial management processes for SPARC activities.

· Oversee the development and implementation of fund-raising plans to increase funding for SPARC activities.

· Administer SPARC funds according to the approved budgets and provide requisite reports.


· Communicate with stakeholders both locally and internationally to keep them informed of SPARC’s work and solicit support and commitment.

· Form alliances that promote strategic health purchasing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Risk & Quality Management

· Identify and evaluate the risks to SPARC and implement measures to control the risks

· Oversee the development and effective implementation and maintenance of a quality management system.

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