Expressions of interest: Development and implementation of a digital career platform in Kenya

Development and implementation of a digital career platform to support access to employment of persons with disabilities in Kenya

Purpose: Leonard Cheshire (LC) seeks expression of interest of service providers and/or developers in Kenya, who are currently offering employment services online, to help develop/adapt an accessible and AI-powered digital platform to support access to employment for persons with disabilities. The digital platform will contain the following features: Skills assessment, career interest assessments, career and training advice, skills training eLearning modules, job matching engine and job offers for persons with disabilities.

Context: Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) is a new programme funded by the Department for International Department (DFID) to ensure people with disabilities are engaged in waged employment, particularly in the private sector. This is a 3-year programme implemented in Kenya and Bangladesh. The LC led consortium brings together a diverse and complimentary group of global and local actors which includes ILO, World Bank, ICED-LSTHM, CBM, EDF, ANDY, BBDN, GDIH and Plan International.

Job Description:

As part of the Innovation to Inclusion programme (i2i), we will develop a digital pathway which consist of several components that will support the journey of people with disabilities (PwD) as they are placed into employment. One of the key components of the pathway is the Digital Career Platform (DCP). The DCP will register candidates, asses their skill level, abilities, interest and access needs, as well as providing guidance to possible career paths, providing eLearning modules and signposting to training opportunities to improve their skills to external providers, as well as Job offers.


· The DCP will increase opportunities for PwD to access employment.

· The DCP will increase independence of PwD by providing them with a wider understanding of their career paths and inform future career decisions.

· The DCP will help PwD acquire a broad understanding of how their access needs can be met by employers.

Digital components of the platform that will be developed or adapted:

  • Initial registration: Gather personal details (Based on Washington Group questions) like education level, brief information on skills/training, economic status, job aspirations, digital, manual, communication and language skills, disability and accessibility needs.
  • Assessment: Skills, career aspirations and access needs assessment powered by AI.

Training and career advice: The platform will analyse the candidate’s profile to signpost them to training opportunities, offer eLearning modules and offer advice to suitable career paths.

  • Job matching: The platform will match candidates to suitable jobs based on their skills, knowledge, abilities and access needs. The platform will encourage existing employers to fetch as well as post jobs for PwD to promote equal opportunities from DCP.
  • Report generation (optional): The platform will generate a report with the candidate’s access and workplace adjustment needs which they will be able to share with prospective employers. The platform will also provide a summary sheet at any given point to the candidate, based on his inputs through graphic representation, what’s required to reach his aspirations based on industry standards and skillsets required.

Considerations for the supplier:

  1. The platform will be compliant with international universal design principles and accessibility and standards, particularly Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (AA).
  2. The supplier might already own an employment platform that could be adapted.

  3. The supplier must have experience in providing digital employment services in Kenya, as well as engaging with the private sector in the employment context.

  4. The Supplier will have experience providing digital services in Kenya and developing web products.

  5. The platform will be hosted within digital assets of the supplier however there is a possibility that we might partner a government authority who could serve as a portal for accessing the service.

  6. The registration process of candidates will include Washington Group set of questions specific to PwD, which will be inbuilt into the platform.

  7. The platform will contain an employer interface adapted to the access needs of person with disabilities. This might include, for example, extra sections where employers can indicate to whom their jobs are accessible to.

  8. The platform will integrate an existing basic employability skills e-module/s and basic digital skills e-module/s.

  9. It will include candidate profile and reporting tools to ensure that relevant data can be extracted for reporting by the I2i partners.

  10. The supplier will store and manage and protect user data complying with GDPR guidelines and make it available to i2i programme partners, on request, through the duration of the programme.

  11. The supplier will offer digital access support, on-demand user support and platform troubleshooting.

Platform sustainability

I2i is a three-year programme to develop sustainable innovative solutions which are expected to last beyond the duration of the programme. The platform will need to be supported by a sustainable business model after the programme ends.

How to apply:

Expression of interest:

Please submit an expression of Interest: In your Expression of Interest, please propose a timeline for delivering this work, showing the start date, various stages of consultation & drafting, finalisation and delivery.

The Expression of Interest should include:

· Your track-record, including recent projects, and your experience of delivering work similar to this project in scope or focus.

· A project proposal and diagram.

· Confirmation of timeline for delivering this work.

· Budget for the project, with a breakdown of daily rates. Please clarify whether VAT will be additional.

· Detailed explanation for Intellectual property and software license agreement after the project ends.

· Please include any figures on Pounds Sterling or Kenyan Shillings.

Contract: Contractual obligations will be defined through a standard supplier agreement, outlining deliverables, timelines, payments, and stating that the intellectual property will belong to Leonard Cheshire.

Link to call for expressions in our website

If you have any queries, please contact Angel Perez, Senior Technology and Innovation Lead for the i2i Programme. [email protected]

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