Farsight Africa Group Data Manager Job





Oversee all data matters regarding the project and manage the data support team. The job role requires one to work collaboratively with the client, the development team and various stakeholders to ensure delivery of all products in an efficient, timely manner.


  • Prepare plans for the development and installation of a data centre according to present and future requirements.
  • Monitor all software and hardware products and ensure compliance to data centre standards and systems.
  • Administer installation and maintenance of organization data centre.
  • Monitor all activities related to analysis and implement all data centre plans.
  • Supervise designing and evaluation of all server systems according to measurement of process.
  • Perform troubleshoot on data centre, identify issues and assist in timely resolution of same.
  • Coordinate with various departments and perform integration of critical systems into infrastructure.
  • Maintain expert knowledge on all applications and their use on systems for various critical systems.
  • Maintain effective professional relationships with IT relationship managers.
  • Inspection of delivered hardware to confirm accuracy and matching standards.
  • Installation of servers, network and other hardware tools to the data centre.
  • Installation and management of security appliance to the data centre to ensure optimum server and client-side security.
  • Integration of new hardware and servers to the data centre configurations.
  • Any other duties assigned by management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems / Management Information Systems or a related field of study.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in the Information Technology field.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in technical management.
  • Ability to diagnose faults, oversee user-testing, and implement required changes.
  • Ensure optimal hardware and software functionality as well as network security.
  • Evidence of continuing education, such as certifications would be an added advantage.


  • Excellent client-facing and internal verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong sense of personal accountability regarding decision making and supervising teams.
  • Ability to work in a high pressure, deadline driven environment.
  • Ability to predict challenges and proactively head off obstacles.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, innovative and solutions-oriented.
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