Final Evaluation of ILO's Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration

The Evaluation Office (EVAL) of the ILO is seeking expressions of interest from qualified individuals/teams of individuals to conduct an independent Final evaluation of the project Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration (DCI-MIGR/2015/364-227 – GLO/15/41/EUR – REFRAME), which has been funded by the European Commission.

The project’s objective is to reduce abusive practices and violations of human and labour rights during the recruitment process and maximize the protection of migrant workers in the recruitment process and their contribution to development.

Scope of work

The final evaluation will assess the level of achievement of the intended results with a focus on higher level results, and propose recommendations for improved design and delivery of a possible second phase.

As per ILO’s evaluation policy and the REFRAME Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Guidelines, the project is subject to both a mid-term and final independent evaluations. The mid-term evaluation covered the period from January 2017 to July 2018 and was submitted by the ILO to the European Commission in July 2019. Overall it concluded that REFRAME was a well designed innovative project that was on track to achieving sustainable results at global and country level. At mid-point, REFRAME still had more than half of its budget to implement.

The Final evaluation will cover the period from the start of the project in January 2017 up to its end (up to the date of the cost extension currently expected to be March 2021); all components (global, regional and country level) and all partners of the project.

The evaluation will follow UNEG guidelines on gender responsive evaluations, thus ensuring that adequate gender representation is maintained during data collection and that a gender equality lens is used during analysis and presentation of findings. Important references in this regard are provided at the end of this ToR.

The final evaluation will follow the revised 2019 OECD-DAC evaluation criteria, namely addressing

  • Relevance: is the intervention doing the right things?
  • Coherence: How well does the intervention fit? Effectiveness: is the intervention achieving its objectives?
  • Efficiency: How well are the resources being used?
  • Impact: What difference does the intervention make?
  • Sustainability: Will the benefits last?

Candidate requirements

The evaluation consultant/team will have knowledge and previous experience in the field of labour migration, force labour and trafficking in persons, with proven experience in project evaluations. Previous experience in evaluating EU funded projects is an asset.

The Evaluator/team should demonstrate have the following qualifications:

• Advanced university degree in social sciences or related graduate qualifications;

• A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in conducting programme or project evaluations, experience in the area of child labour/forced labour/social dialogue will be an added advantage but not required;

• Proven experience with logical framework approaches and other strategic planning approaches, M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory), information analysis and report writing;

• Fluency in written and spoken English is required, working knowledge of Spanish or French is also an asset;

• Knowledge and experience of the UN System is desirable; • Understanding of the development context of the Project Countries is an added advantage;

• Excellent consultative, communication and interviewing skills;

• Demonstrated excellent report writing skills in English; and

• Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines.

How to apply

The evaluation will be conducted by an international consultant (or a team) who would be responsible for the final deliverables.

The deadline to submit expression of interest for undertaking the evaluation is by close of business on 31 July 2020. Please send an e-mail with the subject header “Final Evaluation of Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration Project (DCI-MIGR/2015/364-227 – GLO/15/41/EUR – REFRAME)” to the Evaluation Manager, Laura de Franchis ([email protected]) and copy Maria Gallotti ([email protected]).

Candidates intending to submit an expression of interest must supply the following information:

1) A description of how the candidate’s skills, qualifications and experience are relevant to the required qualifications of this assignment.

2) A list of previous evaluations that are relevant to the context and subject matter of this assignment.

3) A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment and the daily professional fee expressed in US dollars.

4) A copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae (which must include information about the qualifications held by the candidate).

5) A statement confirming that the candidate has no previous involvement in the implementation and delivery of the above-mentioned project or a personal relationship with any ILO Officials who are engaged in the project.

6) The names of two referees who can be contacted.

For further details about the evaluation, please see the ToR on our website (–en/index.htm).

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