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Final external evaluation – Consultancy on a Child Protection Program, Kenya

Final external evaluation – Consultancy on a Child Protection Program, Kenya

· Organization: Fondazione L’Albero della Vita – The Tree of Life Kenya

· Closing date: 19/09/2021

The purpose of the consultancy is to carry out the final external evaluation of the project: “APRIRE: Foster Care, Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration for a Future to Vulnerable Children in Kenya”, funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Period: October 2021

The “APRIRE” project is a 43 months child protection program implemented by a consortium of international and national organizations under the leadership of “The Tree of Life” and in partnership with the Directorate of Children Services, the Department of Probation and Aftercare Service and other relevant Kenyan Government Institutions.

The program aims to promote the well-being and the protection of vulnerable children and families in Kenya by supporting the process of de-institutionalization of the government of Kenya through 3 main components: promoting restorative justice, strengthening Juvenile Justice services, promoting and implementing alternative family care options, with main focus on Kinship and Foster Care.

The project started in the month of May 2018, and has a total duration of 43 months, including the No-cost extensions approved by the donor.

This final external evaluation results from the need of the donor and the internal policy of the project.

Purpose of the Assignment

To carry out final evaluation using qualitative assessment method (OECD DAC evaluation criteria).

The final evaluation should account for the achievement of the objectives of the aforementioned project, through the planned results and indicators.

The consultant will present his methodology, which must include at least: a documentation phase; interviews; Field visits; Questionnaires; Participatory methods of data collection and analysis.

The proposal and application of further methodologies suggested by the evaluator is encouraged.

The consultant will develop the following documents, in English:

· A provisional final report will be drafted within 15 days following the evaluation exercise, and submitted to the The Tree of Life office in Nairobi.

· The final report, incorporating the comments of the Tree of Life, must be available within 15 days following receipt of the comments.

· A summary of the report, which will present the main conclusions and recommendations.**

The documents attached to the report must include, in part or in full, the following information: the list of people met; the schedule of the visits and the meetings; any details of the evaluation methodology used.


  • Internationally recognized degree in relevant field.

· Child Protection background; specialization relating to the child protection sector, with particular reference to Juvenile Justice and Alternative Care, is an asset.

  • Similar sound consultancy experiences in carrying out final evaluation of Institutional programs: experience in project evaluations is required, in particular projects funded by institutional donors.
  • Experience in designing and conducting surveys and project evaluations, as well as experience in writing reports.
  • Backgrounds in research/evaluation, particularly qualitative methodology.
  • Knowledge and experience in using OECD DAC evaluation criteria.
  • High level of professional writing in research/evaluation.
  • Demonstrated ability to work cross culturally, and with a range of stakeholders, including government.
  • The consultant must be excellent in English, both speaking and writing.

· Good knowledge of participatory evaluation techniques.

· Perfect knowledge of the principles and methods of managing the project cycle.

· Previous experience in Kenya,

· Previous experience in the development cooperation sector of at least 5 years.

· At least 2 evaluations similar to the one proposed by this project would be an asset. Reporting line: The Consultant will report directly to the Program coordinator. The Tree of Life will provide relevant background information as per need during the evaluation in the field.

How to apply

Interested individuals and firms are invited to submit application by 19/09/2021 to the email address: [email protected]

indicating in the subject: FINAL EXTERNAL EVALUATION – KENYA

and attaching CV, Cover Letter, brief draft of the Evaluation Methodology, proposed budget / compensation (all inclusive) to carry out the proposed task.

Applicants are invited not to exceed a total budget of approximately Kshs. 900,000.00 inclusive of all costs.

The references of previous evaluations carried out should be indicated in the Curriculum vitae.

At least 3 references to be included in the application.

Please note that only applications in line with the profile will be answered.

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