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He Is Threatening To Send Compromising Photos

By Michele Wanjiku

Working for an NGO is something most people dream of. However, getting a job at these organizations is not always easy. It’s especially more difficult for a fresh graduate with no experience. For Martha, it took years of volunteer work to make her dream a reality but now that dream is about to be destroyed by someone she trusted.

As a professional, your personal life should never interfere with your job. How would you handle, having your private life threaten your job?

Martha’s Story

“I have been working at a Christian based NGO for over two years now. It is the first job I got after University and I am very happy with the direction my career is taking.

I always took pride in the fact that I made good decisions throughout my school life and that is why I was able to get the job.

The organization is not so big and therefore, I got to know all my colleagues very well. This is how a relationship with one of them started. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because I didn’t want the complications that come with being in a relationship with someone you work with, but I ended up giving in.

Sadly things didn’t work out as planned and after a year I decided to end the relationship. I made this decision because I was not happy anymore. We would argue all the time and he seemed not to trust me.

Every time I would talk with any of my other male colleagues, he would start an argument about it even though there is no way I can avoid talking to them because we work in the same department.

While we were together I made the mistake of taking compromising photos and sending them to him.

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I had actually forgotten all about it, when a week after I ended things, he sent them to me and said he would be forwarding them to everyone in the office including my boss if I do not take him back.

Working for a Christian organization, something like this would get me fired immediately and even if it doesn’t I won’t be able to work with these people after they see such photos.

Clearly, I made a mistake but I cannot be in a relationship with someone who blackmails me. I also don’t want to lose my job and I know that if he sends those photos I cannot continue working at the organization anymore.

Should I coke clean to my boss and start looking for another job in case he sends them to everyone or should I just date him in order to keep my job?

Please advise me. What do I do?”

What would you advise Martha to do? Leave your comments below.

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