Head of Litigation Department at Gikera & Vadgama Advocates

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates is among the leading legal firms in Africa. GVA has continued to expand in the African continent through our established strategic partners. GVA is truly the comprehensive law firm uniquely positioned to assist it’s clients achieve their ambitions in this competitive economy.

Job Description

Reports to: Managing Partner, Partners

Direct Report: Litigation Advocates and Court Clerks

The Role:

You will be providing litigation services to clients of GVA by meeting GVA quality threshold and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks/conflicts of interests.


  • To be familiar with and comply with the requirements of the GVA office & HR Manual, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, GVA QMS Manual, GVA Values.
  • Creating and implementing strategic initiatives and effectively and efficiently managing the daily operations of the practice in the department to conform with applicable standards
  • Directing and managing work assignments, staffing and case distribution within the department
  • Supporting, mentoring, training and developing legal professionals and competencies in the department
  • Conduct and oversee orientation for new members of staff in their department
  • Communicating the needs and plans of the department to management and overseeing the resource allocation process for the practice group
  • Coordinating matters relating to marketing and client development for the department
  • Overseeing the associate and paralegal evaluation process
  • Continuously monitor and ensures the department meets performance targets and other key performance indicators
  • Ensuring appropriate processes are followed for management of conflicts and risk
  • Acceptance or rejection of instructions, including the discontinuation of matters
  • Overall responsibility for levels of service delivery in the department
  • Supervision of and providing guidance to the lawyers and members of staff in the litigation department.
  • Maintains smooth operations within the Firm and assures that decision processes are working in relation to client matters
  • Coordinates, Implements and monitors Client satisfaction Feedback systems within the departments and assist the Head of Marketing in conducting client satisfaction surveys.
  • Provides guidance and assistance in handling difficult client communications, conflicts and other matters involving significant clients with the assistance of the Managing partner.
  • Provides regular reporting to the Managing Partner dealing with performance, meeting of targets, growth issues, management issues, and the implementation of business strategies including opportunities for improvement of the management system
  • Ensuring that the management system conforms to applicable standards and the processes are delivering their intended purpose.
  • Ensuring that the integrity of the management system is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.
  • Developing and executing a plan for identifying appropriate business opportunities in all applicable practice offerings with new and existing clients
  • Responding to requests for proposal, requests for qualifications and other requests to engage clients
  • Overseeing the implementation of a client satisfaction program throughout the client’s representation
  • Building and maintaining relationships with industry leaders, associations and organizations in relevant and new markets
  • Schedules regular reports, meetings and other communication and provides policy and direction input with and to the Managing Partner, HR Manager and other direct professional staff reports.
  • Fosters respect and professionalism throughout the Firm.
  • Perform any responsibility delegated by the Partners / Managing Partner
  • Review and approve all Litigation pleadings and case strategies.
  • Manage correspondence with all litigation clients.

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