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Terms of Reference (TOR) for brace research statistician


Clubfoot Care for Kenya (CCK) begun in October 2005, as a project under AIC CURE International Hospital (CURE Kenya). Over the years CCK grew and became registered as a local NGO in May 2019 by Hope Walks. AIC Cure International is a paediatric hospital which offers specialized orthopaedic care among other treatments. Hope Walks is a not-for-profit organization which seeks to establish global access to early holistic care for children born with clubfoot by creating nationally sustainable clubfoot programs utilizing the globally accepted standard Ponseti method. Through the support of Hope Walks, CCK uses a multi-faceted approach and works closely with various partners including The Ministry of Health, CURE Kenya, Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), plus many more, with the overall goal of eradicating clubfoot as a cause of disability. To achieve this goal, we build the capacity of health workers, provide clubfoot treatment supplies, continuously monitor and assess clubfoot, enhance community awareness and involvement as well as boost holistic care. CCK currently has 23 partner clubfoot clinics spread across 16 out of 47 counties in Kenya. Over 13,000 children with clubfoot have been treated using the Ponseti method by CCK and its partners.

Clubfoot is the most common orthopaedic condition in children in which the feet are mispositioned facing inwards and downwards. The Ponseti method is a graduated process of serial casting, tenotomy and bracing that aims to correct idiopathic clubfoot. Percutaneous tendo-achilles tenotomy under local anesthesia is often done to facilitate correction of the equinus deformity at an appropriate stage of serial manipulation and casting. Clubfoot deformity correction using the Ponseti method is very successful, with correction rates of around 90% in most parts of the world including Kenya. Maintenance of good long-term results is currently the main challenge.

The Steenbeek Foot Abduction Brace (SFAB) is accepted as the standard of care for clubfoot correction maintenance in Ponseti treatment of idiopathic clubfoot in Kenya. It has two (2) leather shoes that are held together by a metal bar in a specific position that will maintain correction achieved via casting and tenotomy. The Cunningham brace is a new above knee brace that does not have a bar holding both legs together as with the SFAB. It holds correction of the feet by continuous application of a stretching force while allowing the feet and the knees to actively move against the brace. In this way, it functions as a dynamic brace. The Cunningham brace is new in the clubfoot market and has not been researched on like the SFAB to prove its effectiveness. Therefore, AIC Cure International hospital and Hope Walks have partnered through the CCK Program to conduct research on the effectiveness of the Cunningham brace as compared to the SFAB.

The research is prospective in design and is projected to end by the year 2025. Idiopathic clubfoot clients who are less than 6 months of age and meet the inclusion criteria are recruited randomly to participate in the study. The goal is to recruit 50 participants who will use the SFAB and another 50 for the Cunningham brace. The participants will then be followed up using specific assessment tools until they are all discharged from treatment.

Objectives of the Statistician:

  • To assess all research processes and ensure that they are in line with current world standard practices to ensure that the research is well within gold standards
  • To work with all the researchers in developing annual progress reports on the research that will encompass the results of the study as agreed upon with all stakeholders.
  • To be instrumental in publishing the research after its completion and at least once mid-way through the research

Roles of the Statistician:

  • Will avail themself for meetings pertaining to the research, physical or online, according to the researchers’ planning
  • Give official feedback about the research proposal and how it can be improved
  • Work together with the primary researchers to develop annual reports on the results of the research that can be shared with all stakeholders. This should be done until the research is completed.
  • Work together with the researchers to publish at least      one article about the progress of the research during its course.
  • Avail themself for phone calls, emails and any communication pertaining to the research.
  • Travel to research location, Cure International Hosp, at least once annually to monitor research progress, assess documentation and all research processes and advice appropriately

Research duration:

The research is prospective in design and has been ongoing. It is planned to end by December 2025.

The statistician is expected to start by 1st July 2021 with a report on feedback on the proposal by 15th July 2021


  • Annual reports by June 30th and December 30th of each year until the research is completed: starting with a report by December 2021
  • Published research article upon the end of the research and one during the research.

Qualification of the Statistician:

The statistician should have at least a Masters in data science, statistics, public health or any other related fields. In addition, the biostatistician should be experienced in research and all research-related activities such as publishing and data analysis.

Statistician Fees:

The statistician will be paid 20,000Ksh each involved in the study. Half of the amount will be sent at the beginning and the other half sent at the end of the year upon sending the annual research report. The payment will be made by Clubfoot Care for Kenya via Mpesa or EFT.


The statistician must be independent of CCK, Hope Walks and AIC Cure International Hospital. Any actual or potential conflict of interest in taking up this role should be highlighted beforehand.

Application details:

If interested and meet the above mentioned criteria please forward your applications to [email protected] by 15th June 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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