How To Overcome Fear & Move Into Leadership

By Perminus Wainaina

When Daisy was approached to be a manager, she was shocked! This was something she never expected and was not sure she wanted to do.

What if the team didn’t like her? What if she couldn’t perform to the expected standards of her supervisor?

Daisy has always been a quiet, shy, and eager to please individual who has often lost pieces of herself, being and doing whatever it took to be liked. She has also always been comfortable staying in the background and not calling attention to herself.

The last thing she wanted was a leadership role. “It was just too risky for me,” she says.

“But, there was more to why I feared being a leader. Too many people in leadership roles – politicians, heads of major corporations, and others, are untrustworthy. In my mind, a leader was someone to be disliked, distrusted, feared, and rejected.

I know there are leaders who are admired and respected, who are wonderful role models. But I could only see the threatening side. There was no way I would willingly choose to expose myself to criticism and rejection.”

After we had a chat, she decided to take up the challenge and see where it led.

“Despite the challenges, I’m so very grateful for the experience. As with almost everything in life, we live through it. There is great learning that takes place.”

Could you be holding yourself back from taking up a management role in your organization?

You may have just been promoted and your supervisor calls you into their office and expressing concern that you may be overwhelmed. You have been encouraged to focus on the management side of your job and leave the technical aspect to your team.

Are you wondering how you could let your technical side take a back seat especially because the very reason you have been promoted is because of your technical skills?

Truth is, this could be the thing that is preventing you from doing things that really matter in your new role.

You have to make a choice. Do you embrace the new role with all the new challenges? Or do you revert to your old ways and return to a purely technical role?

Many fears can come into play when leading a team.

Here are the five main fears you may have as an upcoming leader, and how to overcome them.

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