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Online Aptitude Test – Changing Career Aptitude Tests

Taking an online aptitude test is something you need to consider if you want to change career. There are thousands of other people who are confused about what would be the ideal career choice for them. Don’t be ashamed if you are one of them. Remember, it’s not only you who are facing the same dilemma. Being unsure about your career is just a sign that you must consider taking a career assessment

How To Write A CV For A Career Change

Do you dread waking up on Mondays? Has your current job left you feeling overwhelmed and unhappy? You have probably been eyeing a specific role at a certain company but haven’t had the confidence to go for it or maybe you are looking for a new challenge in a new work environment.

Whatever the reason, you have found yourself thinking about making a career change. Changing careers is a bold step and that means you’ll need a fresh, revamped CV that will accompany your job search in this new field.

The key to starting in a whole new fresh field is selling yourself the right way. Here is how to write a CV for a career change.

Research this new industry

How much do you know about this industry in which you are applying for? What skills do employers require?

You may think you want to move from being a Project Manager in the Supply Chain Industry to becoming a Programme Director in the NGO Industry but do you fully understand what that entails?

This is where your thorough research comes in hand. If you want to write a great CV that suits the job, you need to be well-versed with your roles and what you will be doing on a day to day basis.

Identify & highlight transferrable skills

Go through your CV and write a list of skills you have gained and used throughout your career. Then, list the skills required in this new industry and see what matches.

Think creatively; For example, Say you are switching careers from Public Relations into Sales & Marketing. What things do these roles have in common?  Well, both jobs require one to be persuasive, have excellent customer service skills and extensive knowledge on how to represent a brand, product or service.

The key takeaway here is to highlight relevant skills and quantifiable achievements that are relevant to the job otherwise your career-change CV may just be ignored.

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Tailor your CV

You cannot use one generic CV for every job or industry, each requires different skills, experience, and qualifications. As you go through your career change, you are bound to apply for multiple jobs until you find what works for you, which is why it is essential to tailor your CV to match each job description.

“Tailoring your CV is about making your skills and experience work to your advantage, so always make the relevant parts visible”, says Brenda Mielizu a CV Writing Expert from Corporate Staffing Services.

Use a Cover Letter

This can be the key to landing an interview, as you transition into your new career. Writing a cover letter gives you a chance to explain why you are making this switch.

What should one write?

Great question! Mention the reasons for making a career switch and why you believe you can take on the role that you are applying for.  Emphasize the passion that you have for the industry. Explain what has drawn you to that particular job or career, what you know about the job sector and why you think that you are the perfect candidate for the job.


The idea of writing a CV for a career change may come off as a daunting task at first, but it shouldn’t.  Use the skills that you have gained in your previous role and highlight how they are relevant to this new job industry.

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