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Job Application Mistakes To Avoid To Get A Job

By Michelle wanjiku

“I have been applying for so many jobs on Career Point Kenya but never hear back from you.” This was an email I received recently and after talking to the person, I realized they had been applying for the jobs in the comment section.

Most jobs nowadays require one to make online applications because it is more convenient and it enables some organizations to electronically weed out applications without having to go through thousands of them.

So the reason why you are probably not getting a job is; you are making some of these application mistakes.

Here are some mistakes people make when applying for jobs

1. Failing to add a subject/ref

So many people forget to include a reference/ref when applying for jobs via email. This is a huge mistake because your email will not be opened.

Hiring managers do not have time to guess what your email is about and they receive hundreds if not thousands of them. Therefore, it is up to you as a job seeker to make sure that the subject of your email is known.

The next time you apply for a job via email please ensure you indicate what the email entails. For example, REF: Application For Communication Officer Job.

In some instances the job description will tell you what to use as the subject of the email and you should follow that to the letter.

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2. Copying every organization

Although not as common as the first one, this is still a mistake job applicants make. You need to remember that if you copy any other person on that email all the recipients will be able to see.

Today I received an email from someone applying for a job. The problem is that this person had copied over 5 other organizations in the email. I can see all the companies she applied to and so can whoever received her email.

This means that in all those organizations her application will not be considered because employers don’t want to see that you are applying for jobs in other organizations.

It also shows that you are not really invested in the position of organization.

3. Fail to follow instructions

Most organizations will give you specific instructions on how to apply for the position. For example, they can say that one needs to quote the title of the position you’re applying for as the reference.

Some also specify how many attachments you need to send while others strictly ask for your CV only.

Now as a job seeker, it is important that you adhere to these rules because failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification.

So before applying for any job ensure you understand what is required from you and follow the instructions given if any.

4. Attaching poorly formatted documents

I once saw an application by someone where their attached CV was upside down. Now this might seem like a small thing but the hiring manager does not have time to start rotating your documents.

Most recruiters take at most 3 minutes to go through an application and upon opening your email if the documents are not properly formatted they move on to the next.

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They have more than enough applications and throwing yours away will not hurt them in any way. What this means is that before hitting send on your email you need to ensure that all the documents are okay and do not have any mistakes.

5. Applying in the wrong place

This is also a very common mistakes, when a job is posted on a job site like Career Point Kenya, applying in the comment section does not mean you have applied for the position. Neither dose sending your CV to the job site email.

It is always advisable to apply where the advert tells you to; be it via email or on the company website. This is because job sites do not go through applications for the positions they advertise all they do is advertise them.

So ensure you send your application to the right place if you want to get the job.

In conclusion,

When it comes to applying for jobs, you need to ensure that you don’t hurt your chances of getting a job by making these common mistakes. It is very important that you follow instructions provided and avoid silly mistakes that could cost you opportunities.

The writer is a communication officer/digital marketer at Career Point Kenya. Email: [email protected]

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