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Accounting jobs are among the most sought-after jobs in Kenya.  This could be due to the value that accounting professionals bring to an organisation. Accountants can work in the public or private sector, or even at an individual level, doing anything from auditing and filing taxes to budgeting and financial planning.

What should this tell you? It is a competitive job market and you need to have an ace up your sleeve that will set you apart.

How can I do this? It’s simple, equip yourself with relevant skills by signing up for a 5 day Practical Accounting Training Program.

Without experience your chances of getting a job or advancing to the next level are slim. Employers are keen on professionals who can perform various accounting functions.

What you stand to gain from the course?

  • You will learn practical accounting tasks that employers look for when hiring accountants, i.e how to use ITAX, how to file PAYE, NSSF, NHIF, VAT, withholding tax and other taxes. We also teach you how to use the latest Quickbooks version.
  • You will become more marketable when you apply for accounting jobs. Remember, qualifications + experience = employment. Get that accounting job you’ve always dreamed 0f.
  • Our program will train you on how to write a professional CV that will get you job interviews.
  • Our career mentors will coach you on how to answer tough accounting interview questions and get the job.
  • You will be able to bridge the gap that exists between what is taught at school (the theory) versus what employers are looking for.

This class is great for you if;

  •  Lack of work experience in accounting is stopping you from getting an accounting job as your CV does not include relevant experience.
  • You apply for accounting jobs in Kenya and employers don’t call you for interviews due to lack of accounting experience.
  • You are working in a non-accounting job and you want to kickstart your accounting career, then this will help you get started.
  • You want to learn on how to use QuickBooks (latest version). Quickbooks is the most used accounting software in Kenya and many employers require you to know how to use QuickBooks
  • You want to learn how to file statutory returns on ITax i.e VAT, PAYE, end years accounts Etc.

Sign up now for the last class of the year that starts on Monday, 9th December 2019.

Call our training coordinator, Jane, on 0768 669 016 OR email her at [email protected]

Hope to see you in class!