Lecturer (CPD P&R) at Kenya School of Law

The Kenya School of Law (KSL) is the only bar school in Kenya. After their completion of an Undergraduate Degrees in Law from a recognized university, students attend the Kenya School of Law to be prepared for admission to the Kenyan Bar. The Kenya School of Law was established as a law vocational training school in 1963. However, the establishment of Faculties of Law in East African universities led to a need to change the training offered at the Kenya School of Law.

Overall purpose of the job

Reporting to the Assistant Director, Continuing Professional Development, Projects and Research, (CPD P & R), the incumbent will teach short training courses and carry out research. The incumbent will also assist in the planning and coordination of specific programmes or projects within the department.

Job specifications (duties)

The duties and responsibilities of the officer will entail: –

  • Identifying the training and development needs of focus groups or professionals to be trained;
  • Designing the training calendar in consultation with the Assistant Director;
  • Developing and designing training resources and materials. This would include training notes and presentations, training materials and methodologies, e-learning materials, dvds, videos to meet client’s needs;
  • Disseminating, advertising and promoting the training programmes;
  • Sourcing for consultancies and funding for training programs;
  • Coordinating with the other Task Groups to organize training sessions as part of a larger event or conference;
  • Training of paralegals and non-lawyer professionals in integrated legal issues to enhance effectiveness in the performance of their roles;
  • Developing and carrying out sensitization on emerging legal issues to create awareness;
  • Carrying out legal consultancy; and
  • Carrying out research on emerging legal issues.

Persons’ specifications

To qualify for this position, the applicant must have: –

  • LLB degree or equivalent from a recognized university;
  • Be admitted as an Advocate of the High court of Kenya with at least four (4) years post admission experience preferably in a training institution;
  • Have the ability to coordinate and conduct short-term legal training programmes; and
  • Meet requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution

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