Management Information System (MIS)/Database Officer

The Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) program, funded by USAID under the Human Rights Support Mechanism (HRSM), focuses on increasing awareness and general knowledge of legal rights, human rights, and options for recourse, especially for Somali women, youth, and marginalized groups. It responds to citizens’ needs by supporting civil society and justice actors in sustainably improving the quality and scope of legal services. The program’s aim is to ensure that individuals and communities, especially women and marginalized groups, obtain a rights-based resolution of their justice issues. The program is implemented by Pact and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI).

The primary responsibility of this position will be to re-design, review, adopt and manage MERL and case management data system that is efficient and effective to support EAJ Somalia program needs. You will be required to standardize and coordinate the entry of data, structuring and mining of information, as well as maintain database integrity primarily in DHIS2 database. In addition, you will provide primary desktop and software-related technical support for problem resolutions along data flow cycle involving EAJ partners, MERL, Research and program staff. With the support of the IT Administrator, you will provide technology related support that range from system documentation and storage of program information, mobile data collection, data entry and analysis using DHIS2 and to some extend ArcGIS data systems. This position reports to the MERL Manager and will be based in Nairobi with frequent travel to Somalia.

Scope of Work

As the MIS/Database Officer, you will primarily focus on the design, standardization and coordination of programs data collection, entry, and mining of information, as well as maintain and manage program databases. You will be the primary point of contact for all databases and their functioning in supporting EAJ program. Specific responsibilities for the role will include the following:

Primary point of contact for all EAJ data at the field/primary level

· Ensure data entry process is well followed to minimize errors and be responsible for all program data entry, storage, and updates

· Recommend and implement guidelines for data entry in coordination with key program staff and the MERL team.

· Develop and produce accurate and timely routine and special reports, and data retrievals for staff as needed, and be the point person for managing custom reporting requests

· Write database documentation, including data standards, procedures, and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata)

Databases, software applications maintenance and management:

· Advice EAJ MERL and program team on the needs for data handling and storage systems

· Design and adopt effective databases for use in program data management.

· Customize and align DHIS2 and any other relevant data system to conform to EAJ MERL and research tools.

· Act as primary contact with system support group (systems developer, IT Administrator and MERL team) to troubleshoot any technical issues with DHIS2 and other relevant data systems.

· Ensure quarterly indicator data is entered or uploaded into DHIS2, Trainet and other applicable data systems

· Provide in-house expertise and partner technical support on database and software-related issues

· Evaluate need for and recommend system upgrades

· Coordinate and test modifications to the system

· Advice EAJ on performance of acquired databases

Oversight of database integrity:

· Oversee day-to-day integrity of database and database procedures, which may include conducting weekly and monthly audits of data to confirm use of accurate entry processes; identifying and eliminating duplicate records; and maintaining users security settings.

· Compare and verify accuracy of data with source documents (quarterly reports, performance monitoring matrix and OCAs, site visit reports, joint reviews etc.) for consistency.

· Report errors in accuracy/integrity/availability of source data to relevant program and MERL staff for verification

· Conduct all global changes and/or data imports to maintain data, and periodically eliminate obsolete query, export and report parameter settings

· Any other duty as assigned by the Supervisor/s

Qualifications, abilities, and experience:

· A holder of a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology (IT) or related field from a recognized university.

· A critical thinker with attention to details mind set, able to streamline large datasets, both quantitative and qualitative from multiple sources ensuring quality

· At least three to four (3-4) years of experience in data systems creation and management for legal aid or development programs

· Knowledge and practice in data cycle management and USAID data quality assurance standards

· A good planner with conceptual skills to create a seamless data flow, entry, cleaning, and data storage systems ensuring that storage and archiving procedures are functioning correctly

· Knowledge and application of computer and mobile data systems and applications for data collection, reporting and storage

· A team player with interest in numeric and big data systems handling

· Good knowledge and application of data entry, analysis, and storage software

· Previous experience working with and programming DHIS2 data systems an added advantage

How to apply

Interested applicants fulfilling the requirements are invited to send their application letter and CV to [email protected] indicating “MIS/Data Officer” on the subject line. Deadline for applications: 28th August 2020.

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